Nigeria For Sale: Would You Buy a 55-Year Old Country?


Happy Independence to every true citizen of Nigeria. There is a lot going on in the different sectors of the country that is of great concern to patriotic Nigerians.

However, on a day like this, we are positive that our leaders are working really hard to make this 55-year-old country mature, respectable and more reputable, despite the numerous challenges on ground.

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Here is an interesting poem for your reading pleasure, it’s titled “Nigeria For Sale.” Seems rather funny but on a serious note “if Nigeria was a product, would you buy?”


Nigeria, If I have my way I’ll sell you off to Algeria

And use the money to eradicate Malaria

But how do I start when I’m already familiar

with this country that breeds so many barbarians.

At 35, most Nigerians still live with their parents

At 55, Nigeria is yet to have a dream

At 75, would our kids be proud of this country?

Or would they hope it gets better at 95.

Every night we chant prayers like songs

Asking for peace, begging for release

Bring Back Our Girls” the People cry

Like flies and mosquitoes the people die.

Have we not shed enough blood?

Have we not prayed to our lord?

Do we have to perish by the sword?

Or do we need cleansing by another precious blood?

Our stomachs crave for food

Our heads beg for Shelter

Our hearts yearn for peace

In a land filled with black gold.

Our schools strike often

Our roads create orphans

Our hospitals have nothing

In a nation drowning in wealth.

Though in pain, Nigeria has a lot to proclaim

From the shores of Lake Chad to Shere hills of Plateau

From the Island of Bonny to the borders of Badagry

Nigeria remains our birth land, home to the richest blacks

And father of growing cities.

Lagos, the agile old man, strong, bold, and always busy

Calabar, such a young proud woman – beautiful and bountiful

Should I mention Port Harcourt? The Garden city without a garden

Or Abuja? OH! rock of ages cleft for us while we hide our treasures in it.

Nigeria has so much drama and too many baby mamas

So much hunger that needs bread and bama

So many meetings with too much grammar

Too many leaders who will soon face karma.
Who would pay for all of these?

The price for freedom has already been paid

We do not need to strive to make our day

Though it’s harder done than said, still


We all have our way not to sell Nigeria

But to eradicate its barbarians

Whose wives live in Australia

And kids barely Know malaria.

Poem By AJ Ajumoke Nwaeze


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To a better Nigeria as we celebrate both our National and Personal Independence.