Nigeria Police Salary: Ranks & Structure – All You Need To Know

The Nigeria Police salary has always been an interesting subject to discuss among Nigerians who believe the security of the country will be improved if policemen are handsomely paid accordingly.

Established in 1930 in Imo State, as the Nigeria Police Force, NPF, the law enforcement agency rank from ‘Recruit’ to the ‘Inspector General of Police, IGP’. It comprised of more than 370,000 officers, with 36 commands spread across each state in Nigeria; grouped into 12 different zones – which are controlled by 7 different administrative organs.

Nigeria Police Jurisdiction

Several arms of the NPF has been established over the years and they include:

  • The Administrative arms
  • Central Criminal Registry
  • Anti-Fraud Section
  • Special Anti-Robbery Squad
  • X-Squad
  • General Investigation
  • Special Fraud Unit
  • Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Legal Squad
  • Interpol Liaison
  • Homicide
  • Anti-Human Trafficking Unit
  • Force Intelligence Bureau
  • DCI Kaduna Annex
  • Counter Terrorism Unit

The Police Mobile Force was established to counter riots and are under the command of the IGP. There are 12 MOPOL with up to 52 mobile squadrons spread across the 36 states of Nigeria.

Nigeria Police Salary

The Nigeria Police salary is considerably good based on ranks, however, the same can’t be said for the lowest recruits who receive as little as N9,000 per month – lower than that of a bank janitor.

Below are the Nigeria Police salaries from the topmost to the lowest rank:

Inspector General Of Police, IGP

Monthly Salary – N711,498
Annual Salary – N8,537,976

This is the highest rank in Nigeria Police Force. The IGP is the top senior officer, as well as the head of the Police Force in Nigeria.

Assistant Inspector General Of Police, AIG, On Grade 16 (Step 5)

Monthly Salary – N546,572.73
Annual Salary – N6,558,872.76

Assistant Inspector General Of Police, AIG, On Grade 16 (Step 1)

Monthly Salary – N499,751.87
Annual Salary – N5,997,022.44

The Assistant Inspector General is the Second in Command of the Police Force.

Commissioner Of Police, CP, on Grade 15 (Step 6)

Monthly Salary – N302,970.47
Annual Salary – N3,635,645.64

Commissioner Of Police, CP, on Grade 15 (Step 1)

Monthly Salary – N266,777.79
Annual Salary – N3,201,333.48

The Commissioner of Police is in charge of contingency in a state; the number one policeman in the state and a subject to the command of the IG.

Deputy Commissioner Of Police, DCP, On Grade 14 (Step 7)

Monthly Salary – N278,852.79
Annual Salary – N3,346,233.48

Deputy Commissioner Of Police, DCP, On Grade 14 (Step 1)

Monthly Salary – N242,715.65
Annual Salary – N2,912,587.8

The Deputy Commissioner takes over the command in the absence of the state commissioner. He supervises the Assistant Commissioner of police in their daily operations.

Assistant Commissioner Of Police, ACP, Grade 13 (Step 10)

Monthly Salary – N212,938.16
Annual Salary – N2,555,257.92

Assistant Commissioner Of Police, ACP, Grade 13 (Step 1)

Monthly Salary – N183,185.73
Annual Salary – N2,198,228.76

Chief Of Superintendent Of Police, CSP, On Grade 12 (Step 8)

Monthly Salary – N199,723.96
Annual Salary – N2,396,687.52

Chief Of Superintendent Of Police, CSP, On Grade 12 (Step 1)

Monthly Salary – N172,089.06
Annual Salary – N2,065,068.72

Superintendent Of Police (SP) On Grade 11 (Step 10)

Monthly Salary – N187,616.69
Annual Salary – N2,251400.28

Superintendent Of Police (SP) On Grade 11 (Step 1)

Monthly Salary – N161,478.29
Annual Salary – N1,937,739.48

Deputy Superintendent Of Police (DSP) ON Grade 10 (Step 10)

Monthly Salary – N170,399.69
Annual Salary – N2,044,796.28

Deputy Superintendent Of Police (DSP) On Grade 10 (Step 1)

Monthly Salary – N148,733.29
Annual Salary – N1,784,799.48

Assistant Superintendent Of Police (ASP2) On Grade 09 (Step 10)

Monthly Salary – N156,318.39
Annual Salary – N1,875,820.68

Assistant Superintendent Of Police (ASP1) On Grade 09 (Step 1)

Monthly Salary – N136, 616.06
Annual Salary – N1,639,392.72

Assistant Superintendent Of Police (ASP) On Grade 08 (Step 10)

Monthly Salary – N144,152.07
Annual Salary – N1,729,824.84

Assistant Superintendent Of Police (ASP) On Grade 08 (Step 1)

Monthly Salary – N127,604.68
Annual Salary – N1,531,256.16

Cadet Inspector On Grade 07 (Step 10)

Monthly Salary – N87,135.70
Annual Salary – N1,045,628.4

Cadet Inspector On Grade Level 07 (Step 1)

Monthly Salary – N73,231.51
Annual Salary – N878,778.12

A Cadet Inspector is the lowest rank held by a police officer after undergoing a training of service as a commissioned officer. It is commonly known as Inspector of Police (IP).

Sergeant Major On Grade 06 (Step 10)

Monthly Salary – N62,204.88
Annual Salary – N746,458.56

Sergeant Major On Grade 06 (Step 1)

Monthly Salary – N55,144.81
Annual Salary – N661,737.72

Sergeant Major is the highest rank of non commissioned officer. A Sergeant Major assist the administrative officer of a particular regiment.

Police Sergeant On Grade 05 (Step 10)

Monthly Salary – N55,973.84
Annual Salary – N671,686.08

Police Sergeant On Grade 05 (Step 1)

Monthly Salary – N48,540.88
Annual Salary – N582,490.56

Police Corporal On Grade Level 04 (10)

Monthly Salary – N51,113.59
Annual Salary – N613,365.08

Police Corporal, CPL On Grade 04 (1)

Monthly Salary – N44,715.53
Annual Salary – N536,586.36

Police Constable Grade Level 10

Monthly Salary – 51,113.59
Annual Salary – 613,363.08

Police Constable Grade Level 03

Monthly Salary -N43, 293.80
Annual Salary – N519,525.6

A Police Constable is a new employee, positioned at the lowest rank in NPF.

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Police Recruit

Monthly Salary – N9,019.42
Annual Salary – N108,233

The Police Recruits are candidates undergoing training to become a member of the Police Force.

There you have the Nigeria Police salary structure. Mr Ibrahim Idris is currently the IG of the Nigeria Police Force.


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