Happy Independence Day, Nigeria! 11 Greatest Wishes Of PMB For Nigeria At 56


As we celebrate Nigeria’s Independence, Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari has in more ways and words, revealed his passionate quest to achieve greatness, as a personal legacy, for Nigeria bearing in mind that political leadership is just as the military slogan quotes, “soldier come, soldier go.”

The journey of Nigeria independence was not a bloody path – won on a platter of gold, there was no record of war or deadly battle with the colonial masters who captured and ruled the modern state for 59 years (1849 – 1960), precisely in the 19th century.

By merging the Southern Nigeria Protectorate with Northern Nigeria Protectorate in 1914, the British were able to control all parts of Nigeria through Indirect rule – a system by which the day-to-day government and administration of areas both small and large was left in the hands of traditional rulers.

Nigeria finally gained her independence on October 1, 1960 through a private movement, advocated by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Samuel Ladoke Akintola, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and other unsung heroes of Nigeria’s Independence, from all corners of the nation.

Based on his campaign promises, here are President Muhammadu Buhari’s Independence Day Wishes for the Giant of Africa.

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1. One Nigeria

President Buhari wishes for a Nigeria where there is no Muslim Nigeria or Christian Nigeria, no Northern Nigeria or Southern Nigeria. Only one Nigeria, a country where citizens continue to forge ahead despite the challenges; a country where all, both home and abroad, can achieve its full potential.

2. Become World’s Greatest Economy

To  industrialize Nigeria; making Information Technology, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Electricity, Science and Technology, and Entertainments key drivers of the country’s economy. To create an alliance with West Africa, South Africa, UK, USA, Canada and other countries that can benefit Nigeria economically and politically.

3. Able to Compete in World Affairs

He wishes for a Nigeria whose passport will not be insulted whenever her citizens travel outside the country. To building a nation where every child can truly be great no matter which part of the country they were born.

4. Security

The President wishes to wipe out insecurity that threatens the lives and well-being of every single person within the country’s borders, and create a freedom of movement, expression and acceptable practices; to simplify immigration process and foster faster visa processing at points of entry.

5. Poverty Free Nation

By creating thousands of job opportunities, supporting private businesses and entrepreneurs through sponsored skill acquisition training, and issuing easy loans. Creating opportunity for millions of middle class to own houses of their own through national mortgage single digit interest rate.

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6. Revive and Maintainance the nations Infrastructures

He wishes to reviving and reactivating the minimally performing infrastructures such as the train transportation, Sea ports, mines and refineries, etc… to optimum capacity.

7. Transparent leadership

Mr. Buhari believes that with effective and transparent leadership, the eradication of corruption and respect for the rule of law, things can change for the better, and that is what he wishes to achieve for Nigeria. So that all political officials will only earn salaries and emolument determined and approved by Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission (RMFAC).

8. A Leading Example of ‘Africa Rising’

Buhari Promised To Make ‘Africa Rising’ A Reality In Nigeria

9. A Disciplined and Corruption free nation.

He believes that ‘change begins with you.’ Hence to crown the Independent day celebration, President Buhari wishes for all country people to join the war against indiscipline; by observing the acts of self-discipline which include:Willpower, Restraint, Resolve, Determination, Self-Control, Character, Drive, Courage, Diligence, Endurance, protecting and caring of the nation’s environment and its habitat (humans and animals alike).

10. Produce Nobel laureates

Buhari wishes to initiate a special incentives to facilitate the education of the girl child so as to create a room for more Nobel Laureates among children, youths and all age groups, in all fields of studies.

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 11. Wishes Nigeria a great Independence Celebration

Just like the prophet Moses, President Buhari wishes to lead Nigeria across the red sea into the promise land.  To building a new Nigeria where there would be peace and harmony from North-East to the Niger Delta, and where there would be equal distribution of the nation cake – good source (jobs) of income and livelihood  for every citizen.

Every leader is a servant to his subject and can only perform when he has a subject to lead. Nigeria deserves a great leader who can provide the people with the basic necessity to grow, including the basic infrastructure: Good roads, easy means of transportation (Air, land, rail and sea) Electricity for industrialization, clean water supply, affordable housing, food and security.

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