“Nigeria Has Changed For Worse!” – Henry Omoregie


In an interview with Naija.com, Henry Omoregie, a social, political, environmental and human rights activist has advised that Nigerians ought not to expect anything from Buhari’s administration as they have nothing to offer. The 50-year-old psychologist, safety trainer and field recruiter also revealed that the transformation agenda of the former President Goodluck Jonathan was the only thing necessary for Nigerians to be transported to the ‘promised land’. And talking about the on-going war against corruption he said it was a mere witch-hunt adding that the government is very deceitful and clueless.

His Passion

“I am passionate about humanity in general. I am passionate about peace and progress of mankind regardless of whose ox is gored. And that is why I should be passionate about my own country. It’s my own immediate enclave. Even before Ex-President Jonathan was reluctantly sworn in statutorily as president, I led a social media campaign in December 2009, to get Nigeria off the United States list of terror-friendly nations after the Umar Abdulmutallab debacle.

“That said, comparatively, in a democratic setting, there is no gainsaying the fact that the past administration was closest to the Nigerian Dream. No, I am not talking about a hegemonistic Nigerian dream where others are thought of as slaves in their own country (albeit geographical expression) to other ethnic nationalities who fixate on ‘born-to-rule’ as an ideology.”

Omoregie Narrates The Achievements Of Jonathan’s Administration

A meta-analysis of thousands of news items on Transformation Watch showed that GEJ is actually the best elected president by miles in Nigerian and arguably African history.

*In 5 years, Jonathan and his ‘crack team of advisers’ and ministers made Nigeria the beautiful bride of global investors, while empowering indigenous farmers and SMEs with tools of their trades for optimal creation of utility.

*Manufacturing began to blossom, car manufacturing became domesticated via the implementation of the National Automotive Policy, dry season farming was introduced to cushion the effect of the devastating 2012 flooding.

*Doomsday protagonists had predicted food shortages, alas there was none. Nigerians instead went on to enjoy the cheapest and most affordable commodities prices during the Yuletide of 2014.

*In just 90 days, a 40-year old fertilizer scam mafia was busted. In 2010/2011, Nigerians trapped in the wake of the Arab Spring in Egypt and Libya were evacuated to safety. It is on record that we had our citizens evacuated from Egypt long before David Cameron evacuated Britons trapped there.

*A few months into his administration, Jonathan increased minimum wage from N7,500 to N18,500 and the NYSC allowance from N7,500 to N18,500.

*His administration created the YouWin for young entrepreneurs and parts of the scooped funds of the fraudulent subsidy regime he attempted to knock off were used by SureP (an intervention agency he established) to subsidize construction of roads and provision of healthcare facilities in mostly rural areas.

*Nigerian Railway systems were brought back to life after 25 years of being comatose. Indeed many Nigerians are unaware that goods are now ferried off Apapa Wharf by rail straight to Kano!

*The 100-year old Official Secrets Act was replaced with Freedom of Information Act, making government a real time open door administration.

*Tens of thousands of kilometres of roads were either rehabilitated or constructed like never before as attested to by even Fashola, his most virulent critic, now Power, Works and Housing Minister under Buhari.

*Power privatization was fast tracked and the Agric revolution significantly reduced our import bills. Nigeria became the largest economy in Africa.

*The Almajiri schools system was established for the itinerant kids who roamed about in most northern big cities with empty plates seeking leftovers and unsure of their future.

*There was improved pay packages for lecturers and overseas studies for specially gifted graduates. Prompt payment of workers’ salaries was a trademark of Jonathan’s administration.

*Construction of dozens of dams and the remodeling of the airports. He began the 2nd Niger Bridge and completed the dredging of the River Niger to Baro in Niger state.

*35% of Jonathan’s appointees were women as he promised during his campaigns in 2011. The very first sets of female cadets graduated from the NDA under President Jonathan. Most of them, including his male ministers, have moved on to higher callings both internationally and locally.

*14 federal universities were established for all Nigerians by Jonathan/Sambo in less than 5 years while Obasanjo and Atiku built one each for themselves in 8 years!

*INEC was virtually independent under Jonathan. For the very first time in Nigeria’s political history, 6 different political parties had governors either elected or determined by court verdicts without interference from the executive.

*Labour Party, CPC, A.C.N, APGA, ANPP and the PDP had guber aspirants victorious without any inconclusiveness from INEC.

*The man who designed our National Flag, hitherto unrecognized by virtually all the previous military and elected leaders of our nation was not just given a befitting National Award but was rewarded with a house in the FCT and placed on a life salary.

*Over 80,000 ghost workers were exorcised, saving us trillions of naira in just months. No Nigerian was arrested and jailed for insulting Jonathan. Federal Character principle in appointments was religiously adhered to. I could go on and on.

*The National Confab report and the 2015 transition programs were the icing on the cake for this world record achiever. Who wouldn’t be passionate about such an incredible human being?

His Thought On Buhari’s Government

The present administration is a personification of political Ponzi Schemes, deceit of the highest order, witch-hunting and world record cluelessness. Cashing in on the gullibility of millions of semi-literates, illiterates and ignoramuses to hoodwink people who have no inkling of what corruption really means. It was never prepared for governance but fully prepared for anarchy – blood-soaked dogs and baboons, parallel government and all that… A classic example is the minister of information saying that despite the monumental fraud discovered by Nigerians from all walks of life, the 2016 budget is blemishless because the re-submitted version does not exceed the originally nominated 6.08 trillion naira! A Nigeria which the current administration inherited Jonathan as fastest growing in Africa did not even make the top 6 fastest growing countries for 2016 according to McKinsey.

The APC Change Mantra

(Omoregie agrees that Buhari brought change to Nigeria), Change for the worse! The Naira has continued to weaken against the Dollar where it is changed for about N400, what does this imply for the Nigerian economy? Doom. Prices of goods especially via derived demand have skyrocketed. Cost of services too.

Anti-Graft War

I don’t see any corruption war going on. The present government lacks the moral rights to say it is fighting corruption. Since when has selective witch-hunting become a fight against corruption? Corruption is fraudulent conduct, moral depravity and dishonesty. Not just official graft. You cannot snub submitted evidences of fraud levelled against members of your cabinet and chase others not in your good books, and tell us you are fighting corruption. You cannot seal off alleged or accused people from the public and deprive them of proper court processes, try them on pages of newspapers and tell us you are fighting corruption. You cannot come to power by threatening peoples’ lives and tell us you are incorruptible. You cannot deny campaign promises and tell us you have integrity. I don’t see any fight against corruption. Allow the courts to do their jobs. The press is not the judiciary.

Advise To Nigerians

Nigerians should look up the meaning of corruption in an English Dictionary before deceiving themselves that the present administration is fighting corruption