Good News! Nigeria To Start Exporting Fuel By 2019 – Dr Kachikwu


Nigerians may soon be heaving a sigh of relief, as Nigeria is getting set to become a net exporter of refined petroleum products. Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr Kachikwu, says that the Federal Government in its efforts to put an end to the recurring fuel crisis in the country, will construct three more refineries in addition to the existing ones.

The new refineries will be sited in Kaduna, Port-Harcourt and Warri. Dr Kachikwu said that once the construction phase is completed according to plan by 2018, Nigeria will start exporting refined petroleum products for the very first time by 2019.

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The Minister also promised that as an initiative to stop over dependence on kerosene by most households, every household in the country will receive free gas cylinders before the end of 2017.

Dr Kachikwu, who also serves as the Group Managing Director of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) made these exciting promises while addressing a cross section of Nigerians at the Town Hall Meeting organized by the Ministry of Information in Kaduna on Tuesday. The Minister of State for Petroleum Resources was also quoted to have made some promises to Nigerians,

“More refineries have to be built, and the target is to build three more refineries to be located in Kaduna, Potharcout and Warri taking advantage on the share facilities.

“We have the concept of providing free gas cylinders to every Nigerian household, which will be roll out next year so that we can pull Nigerians away from the use of Kerosene to cleaner fuel.”

Dr Kachikwu

However, before rounding off his address, the Minister Kachikwu asked everybody in the hall to stand up, holding hands together and recite the pledge  in the picture above, which he later posted on his twitter page @IbeIkachikwu:

“we are Nigerians, we are made by our common destiny, our purpose, our country is bless in ways unimaginable, we as Nigerians are not limited by hope, not limited by resources, not limited by talent, not limited by aspirations. Our nation has had its challenges but we remain abundantly bless, so today, this moment, now going forward, we join hands across our land, hands across our tribes, hands across our religion, hands to our leaders and our followers.

“And as Nigerians unite in struggle, we have decided to build the Nigeria of our dreams, a Nigeria of less criticism but creativity, a Nigeria of abundant not scarcity, a Nigeria unify not fraction, a Nigeria transparent not fraudulent, a Nigeria with abundant dreams, aspirations and delivery. Today, this moment, we stand on treasure of history to built the new Nigeria of our dreams.”