If Nigerians Cannot Live In Peace, Let’s Divide – Ango Abdullahi 


In contradiction of those saying Nigeria is ‘indivisible,’ Prof Ango Abdullahi who was the former special adviser on Food Security during ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo administration, and a former vice chancellor, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, said Nigeria is highly divisible just every other countries.

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According to Professor Abdullahi, it was time to correct the mistake Lord Lugard made in 1914. He spoke on Tuesday, August 30, in Abuja during the launch of  two books ‘The life and times of Umaru Turakin Bauchi at 2015 and Boko Haram: The Charade versus The Reality at 2016 in Abuja,” written by Dr. Hadiza Wada.

“If Lugard made a mistake in 1914, let’s correct it now. Why not?  If Nigerians cannot live together and allow peace and development to take place then let’s go our different ways and to our different places so we can concentrate and develop our children and grandchildren in peace.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. So many countries have gone through that before.  So I don’t believe in all these emotion and sentiments that Nigeria is indissoluble.”

If Nigerians Cannot Live In Peace, Lets Divide - Ango Abdullahi 

In Ango Abdullahi’s opinion, there is nothing like indissolubility in any country. He noted that Britain has been a model for 1,000 years of democracy and then a year or two ago, Scotland that had been in the United Kingdom for about 350 years opted to go for a referendum to get out, followed by Ireland and then Soviet Union. He said:

“So what is so special about Nigeria?  If we find truly that we cannot develop and guarantee the welfare of our people as a nation and the solution is to go our separate ways, why not? So you see this is the thing we have to always discuss at all times honestly.”

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The professor acknowledged that the country’s greatest challenge today is political instability created by politicians and Nigerian elite adding that “we are responsible for the conditions we’re experiencing today and that we have experienced over the years”.