Nigeria Will Be Destroyed Forever If Buhari Does This…


The Anglican Archbishop of Enugu ecclesiastic province, Most Rev Dr. Emmanuel Chukwuma has called on the government of President Muhammadu Buhari to wash their hands off further plot to impeach the Deputy Senate president, Chief Ike Ekweremadu. Chukwuma said this yesterday, Monday, August 1, while speaking to journalists on the sideline of the town hall meeting organized by the Federal Ministry of Information in Enugu.

The cleric asserted that the All Progressives Congress – led administration has continued with their efforts to rue the emergence of Ekweremadu. He also insisted that;

“Nigeria is negotiable because people are wounded; people are being sidelined and this is what is causing this spate of bombings by Avengers and all these people who are agitators.”

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Emmanuel Chukwuma explained that the more Nigerians are made to know that they are part of the government and receive the social amenities and care, then there will be no need for people to talk about restructuring. However, he noted that restructuring is inevitable considering the way things are going, adding that the “South-East is the only zone that has five states. You have to restructure because without restructuring there will be marginalization.”

Bishop Chukwuma 1

He continued by saying that keeping Nigeria as one is a task that must be done but Nigerians must be carried along without any part being neglected in appointments and infrastructure. The Archbishop said:

“Even when you see how they appoint some South-East people into government, it does not translate to infrastructural development. It does not.”

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In addition, Chukwuma made it clear that the town hall meeting was an opening for the Information Minister to tell the President that the South-Easterners are not happy because they are being sidelined. Nevertheless, he appealed to the Igbos to be patient, advising the government that the town hall meeting should not just be a jamboree, but should be studied for implementation and immediate action.

Talking about the case of Ekweremadu the Anglican cleric stated that the APC should not be afraid of Ekweremadu who he described as a very simple developing senator. According to him,

“Out of all the senators in the South East, Ekweremadu is the most, I must say, loved, hard-working senator that APC can make use of to develop Nigeria.

“We want to also express that it is unfortunate that the governor of Imo State has continued to insult him and we say that this is not right, he should be called to order by the APC because Ekweremadu was not elected by the APC and election in the senate was not done by governors.

“So, if a senator is going to survive in the senate, that senator must come to pay homage to the leading senator in the South-East.

“The governor of Imo State should tread with caution, if he is an Igbo man, otherwise he is a betrayer. I‎ want to call him to order that if he continues this way, the Igbos will deny him.

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Most Rev Dr. Emmanuel Chukwuma finally admonished that since Ekweremadu was elected constitutionally as Deputy Senate President, he should be left alone to do his work. Although he believes that nobody can remove him, Chukwuma said if for any reason he is removed, it would mean that the present government doesn’t want the Igbos, “then you are calling for its secession from Nigeria because that is the high ranking position we have and we are all behind him and he has been performing, and he should be left to perform”.

The Anglican Bishop also pointed out that president Buhari was leading Nigeria like a ‘military democrat’, warning that if things don’t change, the nation’s democracy could die early and  Buhari’s administration might not last. He again observed that a good number of Nigerians were unhappy with the way President Buhari made his appointments and noted that the conflict between the Presidency and the National Assembly was overheating the polity.

He further expressed worries over the fact that Buhari’s government has not taken any decisive step to address the threat posed by the marauding herdsmen in different parts of the country.