Dasuki Arrested PMB, Refused To Release Him Even When His Mother Died – Buhari Accused Of Revenge Over The Death Of Dasuki’s Father


Nigerians who commented on the death of Sambo Dasuki’s father who was a former Sultan Of Sokoto are of the opinion that his death was the result of a revenge mission by president Muhammadu Buhari who they allege have unsettled scores with his son, Sambo Dasuki, from 30 years ago.

The former Sultan, Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki, whose death was made known in a statement issued in Hausa by the Secretary to the Sultanate Council, Alhaji Faruk Ladan, passed away on Monday night at the age of 93.

According to the reactions, Buhari is to be blamed for the death of the old monarch who it is believed died following the detention of his son by the president.

See reactions below:

@Nnabugwu Kenneth: This is a revenge by buhari.dasuki didn’t allow buhari to bury his mother when he( dasuki) was in power now the table has turned.am sure buhari won’t allow him either.besides muslin religion does not allow a dead person overnight.
If men were god……?hmmm

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@Bitter Truths: If one good thing deserve another, does one bad thing also deserve another? Buhari was detained by Sambo Dasuki and was prevented from attending the burial of his mother, now the same Sambo Dasuki was in detention under Buhari, should he be allow to attend the burial of his father?

Nigerians Accuse Buhari For The Death Of Dasuki’s Father

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@Chukwu Kelvin Nnajiofor: Is quite unfortunate the old man may hv died out of shock and long thinking over wat the current sadist government is doing to the son. To me baba is succeeding.

@Sadeesu Othman: That is god, Col Dasuki arrest PMB and didn’t release him up to his mothers demise and didn’t allow him to even attend the funeral.

@Moses Adeshola Joself:…. Hmmmm history is counting day by day Buhari mum’s die, Buhari is in detention Buhari didn’t attend…… NOW Dasuki’s father is dead… and Dasuki in detention… Hope Buhari will allow Dasuki to attend d buried is father….?

@Chukwuma Israel: Buhari have just killed another soul, what a wicked man? What will he gain from killing this man?

@Innocent Orobosa Enabele: PMB will never allow dasu to give his father that last respect it is called pay back time

Other people on the other hand, are happy about the misfortune that has befallen Sambo Dasuki saying it’s good he feels the pain of loosing a loved one just as many Nigerian soldiers and civilians have lost loved ones due to the arms deal scandal he is presently embroiled in.

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@Micheal Okechukwu: Heya…so sorry to hear the death of Col. Sambo Dasuki’s father. But, the son has killed many innocent people’s fathers when he siphoned and shared money meant to buy arms for our soldiers fighting Boko Haram in the Northeast. Because of GEJ and Dasuki’s greed, we lost soldiers and policemen. These dead officers were people’s fathers and mothers. While we sympathise with Dasuki, his father’s death should not be the basis for his unconditional release. He must face justice

@Chima Chime: I will be much glad if the news is real because this man wasted the life our galant soldiers and my good friends in potikum

Meanwhile, it was reported that the Department of State Service (DSS) offered Sambo Dasuki an opportunity to see his dying father but he declined saying he wanted a full release from detention in line with the order recently issued by the ECOWAS court.

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