Nigeria Air Force Reveals Stance On Chibok Girls’ Location


The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, had told journalists in Abuja during an interactive section that the Nigeria Air Force has no intelligence on the latest location of Chibok girls; whether they’re still in Sambisa forest or not.

According to the chief,

“We honestly don’t know. Even if you see women dressed in hijab, how are you sure they are women; that they are not men? It is only when you get there and they remove the hijab that you now realize they are men with rifles.”

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Abubakar however assured that NAF is working very hard to locate and rescue the girls and other Nigerians abducted by the terrorists. He said about 50 per cent of the NAF flying missions in counter-insurgency operations were devoted to Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance.

“There is no day that the sun rises and sets that we do not go out hoping to see these girls. From January this year to August 17, we flew 2,600 hours.   About 50 per cent of that was Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance.”

When ask about earlier claim by Boko Haram that military bombardment had killed some of the Chibok girls, the Nigeria Air Force Chief dismissed it as cheap propaganda.

He explained that no bodies hit by bombardment could ever be intact as shown in the video sent by the insurgent. And therefore, what was shown in the video could not have been something that happened after an air strike.

“These guys are just trying to whip up sentiment because they know that every Nigerian is concerned about the girls. Although there was no military operation without collateral damage, the air force was doing everything possible to determine legitimate targets.

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Speaking on NAF’s operation in the South-South, Abubakar said the Air Force would not bomb Niger Delta. But it is recalled that the military said it would use “all available means and measures to crush militants attacking oil facilities in the state, quote:

“They (militants) will stand to regret the consequences of their actions.”