Niger Delta War: Militants Send Buhari Serious Warning


A militant group in the South south region, Niger Delta Sea Commandos, NDSC, through its spokesperson, Major Osama Blatter, sent a message to President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday, June 26th, urging him to stop his pretense of begging militants to cease blowing up oil and gas facilities and begin dialogue with stakeholders to avert impending disaster.

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Speaking in a statement, the self-styled Major Osama Blatter said:

“As members of Sea Commandos, we cannot take Buhari’s plea serious and we are running out of patience. The issue is when he will start his dialogue.”

This reportedly came as Niger Delta activist, Chief  Bello Oboko, supported the call for President Buhari to imitate the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, by ordering a referendum to find out what Nigerians want. The Niger Delta Sea Commandos asked:

Group Avengers Niger Delta Sea Commandos
Niger Delta Sea Commandos

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“When will Nigeria grant Niger Delta autonomous state? Buhari should not play politics with Niger Delta’s demands. If he plays with us, we will ground his government. Delay is dangerous. We are not interested in any plea.

“Who told Buhari that Nigerians do not have other country than Nigeria? Niger Deltans are not part of Nigeria he is referring to because we belong to Niger Delta Republic.

“Buhari should lead the negotiation team, we want him in the creeks, Buhari should not expect our oil to stabilize Nigerians economy, that is a thing of the past. Since he came back, we have not heard anything from him about the expired two-week ceasefire, he has not announced any extension, which is why we say that he is pretending. 

“We are warning that we can no longer wait, we will commence attack any moment from now,” it added.

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President Muhammadu Buhari has said he will personally meet with leaders of the Niger Delta region to foster a way of ending the crisis in the region. This is coming after he had asked the leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to help him beg the militants over their renewed attacks. He had said:

“No insurance company will want to insure installations that will end up being blown up and no banks will want to finance such installations.

“Those of you who have friends among the leadership or even the militants themselves should plead with them in the name of God Almighty to take it easy.”

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