Niger Delta Militants: Stop This Madness – Bishop Eze


Niger Delta militants have been warned by a renown clergyman to stop the destruction of oil pipelines and other petroleum installations in the region or face the wrath of God.

Bishop Jonathan Eze, General Overseer of Victory Assembly Ministry (VAM) gave the warning to the militants in an interview with newsmen in Owerri on Thursday.

The Bishop was reacting to the incessant attacks on oil pipelines by the new militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA).

The Niger Delta militants have in the past few days blown up oil installations belonging to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Chevron and AGIP.

The militants under the umbrella of the Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force (JNDLF) have revealed that their aim is to cripple the economy of the nation and not harm anyone.

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According to Bishop Eze, who is also a UN Peace Ambassador, the avengers are incurring the wrath of God by their activities.

Bishop Warns Niger Delta Militants

Bishop Eze said:

“The Avengers are not fighting a just cause because their activities are affecting and threatening the peace of the nation.

“Nigerian oil is a natural gift from God and nobody has the right to destroy it.’’

“The leaders in the Niger Delta region are to be blamed because they are the people that groomed the militants and they should call them to order.

“How can there be governors, senators, traditional rulers and other top government officials from the region; and yet they cannot caution their children from destroying government assets.’’

“If the militants do not stop this madness, we will fight them spiritually and subdue them.”

Bishop Eze added that if the Avengers were aggrieved over any issue, they should address it in a civil manner through dialogue, rather than threatening the country and destroying facilities.

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He noted that if the country must remain united, no group should threaten the peaceful existence of the nation in the name of militancy.

Bishop Eze blamed leaders of the Niger Delta for allowing the situation to get out of hand. He warned that spiritual leaders will no longer sit back and watch militants destroy the country.

He also used the opportunity to encourage the Federal Government to take a critical look into the matter and handle it with diplomacy.