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Also known as Voice Of Biafra, Radio Biafra is a radio station owned and established by a one-time government of the Republic of Biafra but is now reportedly being operated and managed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)


The emergence of  the controversial radio Biafra is traced back to the Biafra-Nigeria civil war of 1968 -1970 when the government established it to keep the Igbo nation informed on the progress and outcomes of the civil war among several other things.

It was instrumental in the broadcast of speeches and propaganda by the leader of the Republic of Biafra Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu  to the people.

It had the likes of the BBC-trained broadcaster Pete Edochie, Uche Chukwumerijie and Ikenna Ndaguba among several other notable broadcasters and journalists. The station went off towards the end of the war in the 70s as the Biafran government was conquered by the Nigerian government; only to resurface years later under the management of a UK based political activist Nnamdi Kalu.  The radio station has a slogan which says “In defence of Freedom” which is still in use to this day.


Radio Biafra is currently based in the United Kingdom and transmit via the internet and shortwave broadcast targeted majorly around Eastern Nigeria. Radio Biafra claims to be broadcasting the ideology of Biafra –”Freedom of the Biafra people”.

The radio station has since the inception of its transmission, been faced with huge criticism particularly from the Nigerian government who sees the broadcast as a medium where hate speeches unhealthy for the growth of the country is spread.

In fact, the radio station was reported to have been jammed in 2015 because it failed to obtain a broadcast license from the Nigerian broadcasting Commission. However, the station denied the allegation and went on to release its new frequency which is 102.1 MHz.

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