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Known in the movie industry as ‘Mama G’, Patience Ozokwor is a living Nollywood legend whose name alone uplifts the hearts of her numerous fans across the globe.

She is a mother to all, a woman with an incurable sense of humour, and well known for her ‘wicked mother-in-law’ roles in movies.


Early Life

Born on the 25th of March, 1958, Patience comes from a humble family in Ngwo, Enugu State. She attended Abimbola Gibson Memorial School in Lagos, but later relocated to Enugu during the heat of the political crisis, that later culminated into the civil war.

She attended Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu where she studied Fine and Applied Arts, specialising in Graphics. Before IMT, she had attended Teachers Training College in Afikpo.

Being a trained teacher, patience Ozokwor taught for four years before she moved into broadcasting. She was a radio announcer and newscaster at a media outlet, after which she left following the shutdown of the station.

Mama G’s Journey Into Nollywood

Determined, she went on to another broadcasting facility where she began to do radio dramas. It is important to note that before Nollywood, Mama G was already in show biz, though she was never popular then.

The first time she ever played a ‘role’ was during her teacher trainee days in Afikpo, where she was given the role of Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet’. Her outstanding performance in the play made her popular in her school days and people began referring to her as Hamlet.

She made her debut TV appearance when she moved to Radio Nigeria. She had been invited by Chief Zebrudaya of ‘New Masquerade’ to take part in a rural TV commercial in which she played the wife of Pete Eneh.

The commercial was to encourage citizens of Anambra State to acquire education before venturing into trading. Surprisingly the commercial began making waves, getting massive positive reaction from the public.

Later, when Pete Eneh had the opportunity of shooting a serial (Someone Cares) for a television station, he gave her the lead role. During the shooting of the serial, many of the established faces that saw her commended her.

After her first movie in 1998, she was already being recognized by people. But when she did Authority (1999), the movie became very popular and it really shot her into limelight.

After Authority she became quite established and sailed from one movie set to another. Patience Ozokwor went on to star in movies playing wife and mother roles.


Mama G is popular for her mother figure roles in movies. She is also known for delivering the perfect ‘wicked mother-in-law’ character interpretation.

Other times, she transforms into the bad wife too. Some hit movies she is known for are; Mama G, After The Proposal, Arrangee Mama, Ukwa, Submission


Patience Ozokwor has three biological children but because of her love for children she adopted five other children who bear her name. Her husband had died in the year 2002 after a terminal illness.