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Nigerian actress Oge Okoye’s Biography records show that the prolific darling of many Nollywood lovers was born in London to the late Mazi Okoye, and Lolo Okoye on the 16th of November, 1980.

She had her primary education in London before her parents relocated to Nigeria where she completed her primary education in Enugu, South-Eastern part of Nigeria. Oge is also a graduate of Theater arts at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra, South-East Nigeria. Oge is most known for her diabolic roles in Nollywood flicks, and she has been into professional acting since the year 2001. Oge Okoye married in 2005 and she is a mother of 2. 

Nollywood Career

Oge is one of the best versatile Nollywood actresses, as she can play a wide range of roles – she can act a reverend sister and in the next movie a desperate prostitute. She can also act as a classy executive and upwardly mobile lady or a wretched poor widow. Oge’s ability to switch within diverse roles has earned her numerous awards both within and outside of the country.

Oge Okoye Movies

Oge Okoye has appeared in more than 50 movies in her movie career that began in 2001. The most recent Oge Okoye movies include;

Blackberry Babes, Blood sister, Lady Gaga, Marry me, The Girl.

Some of the older collections of the movies that  have featured Okoye are; Desperate Love , Crazy Passion, Eagle’s Bride, Emotional Battle, Orange Groove, The King’s Son, Marry Me, Paradise To Hell, Every Single Day, and To Love and Live Again – most of these movies were shot in 2005. In 2004, Oge featured in movies such as; My Desire, I Want Your Wife, Spanner Goes To Jail, Beautiful Faces, and Trouble Maker.

Oge Okoye started acting in her first year as a theater arts student at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra. In one of her recent flicks, Oge Okoye was made to shave off her head in a movie that exposes the negative issues widows face when they lose their husbands.

Oge Okoye in the news

Oge Okoye has remained in the news for several reasons. Oge Okoye’s children’s lavish birthday parties for instance have become a yearly extravagant celebration for the Okoye’s. In August 7th 2011, Okoye celebrated the birthday of her daughter who happens to be her first born, and the event was attended by top Nollywood celebrities and show biz personalities.

There are some unraveled mysteries surrounding Oge Okoye Dating some top powerful politicians and business men in the country, these however remained mere speculations. Oge Okoye married in 2005 and has 2 children presently. The classy Oge Okoye wedding in 2005 was the talk of the town; however it was not as popular as the Oge Okoye pregnant saga that followed few months after the wedding.

In recent times , Oge’s personal issues has been brought to the fore in several social network forums and tabloids, the most prominent is Oge’s reported break up with her husband of 7 years and the fact that her husband is based in Netherlands while she remained in Nigeria- Oge has since refuted any strain in the marriage.

Oge has also been reported to be in bitter feud with some other top Nollywood actresses such as Ini Edo. This, according to entertainment reporters, had resulted in Oge’s rejection of several movie scripts involving her and those perceived to be her enemies in the industry.

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