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Nigerian celebrity News is all about Nigerian celebrities, a group of people whose talents have entertained the Nigerian populace and beyond. They have become automatic role models and social changers.

They are entertainers from a variety of industries – movies, music, sports, business and so on. In other words, Nigerian celebrities include Nigerian actors and actresses; musicians, TV/Radio personalities; bloggers; fashion designers, Chefs, footballers, motivational speakers and writers.

The Reach Of Nigerian Celebrity News

Nigerian celebrities have never received more local and global recognition than they are enjoying now. Their fame and social-relevance grew in time as an effect of globalization.

Back in the day, Nigerian celebrity news was not such a big deal as most of them were known and not exactly relevant. However, with inter-national relations and enculturation, Nigerian celebrities soon began to enjoy a similarity to the recognition of stars around the world.

As their presence continues to grow, courtesy of the media who has made Nigerian celebrity news as important and as relevant as those of their counterparts in the western world, their lifestyles and impact also continues to reflect in the Nigerian society.

These days Nigerians at home and in diaspora can proudly and comfortably play Nigerian songs at their parties. Nigerian movies in the same way are gradually finding their footing in the international community. All these are sheer benefits of appreciating Nigerian celebrities for their talents.

Most Nigerian celebrities have dropped a huge chunk of the conservationist style typical of an African nation. They have grown liberal; perhaps why there are now more and more collaborations between them and some international superstars.

The present day Nigerian celebrity is a sucker for fashion and good looks. They do have love for luxury toys- mansions in the most exotic Nigerian locations; slick rides and a couple of businesses on the side.

As always, celebrities all over the world are targets for scandals. This is no different with Nigerian counterparts. From time to time a celebrity’s personal life drama spills into public eye. Need I say some make money off it? Call it a blessing in disguise. A handful of celebrities have however managed to balance their career and their private lives.

Nigerian celebrities go through a lot of pressure to keep up with appearances and satisfying their fans. It comes from both the psychological and financial aspects. Thus the recently deceased OJB Jezreel authored a book titled “The celebrity Beggar”. Drawing from his experience and those of other celebrities, the book exposed the large delusion that our celebrities are financial taps that do not run dry.

In Nigeria, nothing promotes trend or a pattern of life more than the lives of the celebrities in our midst. There seems to be a sort of revolution in the traditional Nigerian lifestyle.

A majority of Nigerian celebrities are social media-friendly. This equally rubs off on the larger society especially on the younger generation.

These days the ordinary Nigerian dude is comfortably and confidently rocking his locs. The hair and beauty business has become a multi-trillion dollar business, courtesy of Nigerian female celebrities. Did I forget the baby mama supremacy? Absolutely not!

Almost every male Nigerian celebrity has a child or more outside wedlock. Unconsciously, this is sinking into the Nigerian social reality; thus, promoting on a large scale the tendency of single parenting which is not exactly original to the Nigerian society.

On a similar note, Nigerian celebrities have made weddings and marriage systems trendier than it used to be. So as they live their fairytale weddings/marriages, the regular Nigerian indoctrinates the idea and works towards it. It cannot be said enough, Nigerian celebrities beyond words are influencing the course of living in the country.

A number of Nigerian entertainers like Onyeka Onwenu, Richard Mofe Damijo, Desmond Elliot, Hilda Dokuba amongst others have delved into politics and national matters. This is not surprising, giving that celebrities are supposed to be role models and way makers for the people.

A great percentage of Nigerian celebrities understand the need for philanthropy whether publicized or not. Some have been made ambassadors for the United Nations and other organizations that are dedicated to the good of humanity.

In all, Nigerian celebrities are a group of people whose skills and talents speak for themselves.

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