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Linda Ikeji was born in Nigeria on 19th September 1980. She is a Nigerian writer, entrepreneur, blogger and a formal model. However, she is best known for her blog: lindaikejisblog.com. She grew up in a Catholic home and started writing at the age of 10, but she did not give it much thought till she was 17. This made her want to improve her skills in English Language at a higher level. She gained admission into the University of Lagos to study English and graduated from the university in 2004. Just like other university students trying to fend for themselves and their families, Linda took on some part time jobs to get an extra coin. She served as a waitress, became a model and started writing during her free time.

Blogging – Linda Ikeji Blog

Linda started blogging in 2006 as a hobby. She started writing short stories on topics that interested her and uploading them in the nearest places she could access internet easily. She was initially using a Blogspot hosted subdomain before finally changing to an independent domain name: lindaikejisblog.com. In her blog, Linda Ikeji mainly discusses issues on fashion trends, politics, lifestyle, beauty, celebrity gossip and other Naija news.

Recognition by the world
Blogging put Linda in the spotlight as her articles were more recognised by people. She was featured in Forbes Africa 2012 as one of Africa’s most prominent women. She was also interviewed by BBC on the Focus on Africa Programme. Her success did not stop there as she became more famous in Nigeria and the whole world. In 2013, her blog made her receive an award for Best Entertainment Blog in the Nigeria Blog Awards. In 2014, she was the most searched for individual and trend in Nigeria according to Google. However, just like a good road which must have bumps, Linda’s blog also had a hitch on October 8 2014. This was when her blog was shut down for undisclosed reasons but later restored 2 days later. It is believed that there were complains that the blog was not following all the terms and conditions and was under investigation before being restored. She also has non-profit projects benefiting young girls interested in entrepreneurship.

Linda Ikeji’s Controversial News

Linda Ikeji has not had a smooth ride as she has angered some Nigerian celebrities with some of her articles. Such celebrities include Funke Akindele, Djimon Honsou, Tonto Dikeh and Wizkid (the one which has made history). These celebrities claimed that her allegations about them are not true and she drags their names on the ground in public eyes.

Latest News Between Linda And Wizkid

This has been so far the biggest conflict Linda has had with any celebrity. It started in 2015 when Linda claimed that StarBoy collected N8.9m to perform at a gig but failed to show up. StarBoy retreated by saying that she should have confirmed the allegations before posting them on her blog. This did not end there, as Linda added more coal to the fire by posting that Wizkid was lying to the world that he owned his home. He was apparently a tenant in his up scale home. Wizkid did not take this well and threatened to send his 16 year old cousin to beat her up. This prompted Linda to report to the police about the threat. She claimed that she was just doing her job when she posted that and she reported the matter to the police because she was only taking care of herself. This is when it all broke lose as other people also pounced on Linda.

Ifedayo Agoro even refereed to some of her attitudes as being driven by ‘poverty mentality’ where she felt the need to post about her wealth and compare it with that of others. Wizkid liked the post and commended Ifedayo for the ‘nice post’.

In January 2016, Linda was at it again, writing about Wizkid’s alleged second child with Binta Diamond Diallo, an American model. Wizkid, disgusted by all these posts took it to social media especially twitter where he lashed at her with several mean comments. Linda did not sit down and watch but retreated with worse comments referring to Wizkid as a child. This has gone on for a while and although it is entertaining, the question would be who would come out of this more victorious?or would this end up tarnishing her name and the face of her blog? Follow all the news about Linda Ikeji as it happens on this page.