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Benue state is located in the mid-belt region of Nigeria. It has a population of over 4,250,000 people and is majorly inhabited by the Idoma and Tiv people. It is also the home for other ethnic groups like Nyifon, Akweya, Igbo, Hausa, Jukun, Abakwa, Etulo and Igede. Benue has its capital at Makurdi, and it is a center of rich agricultural activities. The region serves Nigeria with crops like groundnuts, sesame, yams, flax, soya bean, cassava and potatoes. On top of this, Benue is home to many schools so keeping track of its news is imperative. Here is an overview of the top most Benue State News.

Latest Benue State News

On food scarcity and increasing hardship, Prophet TB Joshua warns areas like Benue State, which are the center of agricultural production. He warns people living in such areas to avoid over spending since he predicts vast food scarcity in the entire country although he consoles the nation by saying that the food scarcity will end very quickly.

On the Future of Nigeria as a country, a famous SAN (Senior Advocate of Nigeria), Mr. Olisa Agbakoba, stated that the president, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari is the leader of the federal government but has no clear economic policy. He said that as a result of this level of ignorance, Nigeria is no longer in recession, but in depression. This is true especially when you focus on states like Benue, which are under economic crisis.

Benue’s governor, Mr. Samuel Ortom, has lamented that his state is under siege. He recently revealed an alarming death toll during one of the Fulani Herdsmen attack on the Tarfi Village. Samuel admitted that Benue state government is helpless and cannot stand the pressure from the Fulani herdsmen.

On the recent death of Major General Gabriel Kpamber, a general in the Nigerian Army, it was disclosed that he died in a road crash while on his way back home from a funeral he had attended. An eyewitness said that Gabriel slept off while driving and unfortunately ran into an oncoming heavy truck. The fatal road accident happened at Uchi in Tarka, a region in Benue State.

On the recent Fulani herdsmen attack, Nigeria’s president, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari said that the fall of Ghadaffi’s regime is what made some trained militia soldiers to disperse to countries in the West Africa region. According to him, the custom of the herdsmen to move from one place to the other in search of pasture is what virtually results into attacks orchestrated by the militia soldiers. He further said that the attacks are planned by terrorists from Libya, for example, the Boko Haram.