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Akwa Ibom news is sure getting popular. Yet there are things you should know that Akwa Ibom news will never tell you. Those are the things that will make you see how interesting Akwa Ibom can be.

Things you didn’t know about Akwa Ibom

Doubt that? Akwa Ibom news will not tell you that there are more Akwa Ibom indigenes in Diaspora than there are in the state. For every one Akwa Ibom person in the state, there are two in Diaspora.

Akwa Ibom news will as well not tell you that that Akwa Ibom is the largest oil producing state in Nigeria. Rivers state used to be the highest oil producing state, but Akwa Ibom overtook it.

Did you know that Lord Lugard still has a House in Akwa Ibom? He still does. The house is a one storey cottage that has been standing since the time of amalgamation. Popularly called Lord Lugard residence, the cottage is in Ikot Abasi.

The most beautiful state in Nigeria arguably, is Akwa Ibom. The state can boast its beauty not only in it’s rich culture, but also in tourist places such as Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort, which is one of a kind, as well as the national museum in Uyo. Lest I forget, the Ibom Tropicana Entertainment center which blends the flavor of Disney land and the Aura of Sun City is a place no one should miss!

Now neither Nollywood news nor Akwa Ibom news will tell you that Akwa Ibom has paid its fair dues to Nollywood. The state has given some talents to the film industry. Ini Edo, Nse Ikpe Etim, and the funny man, Bishop Umohare are some actors it has given, while the popular movie producer, Moses Eskor is as well from the state.

Akwa Ibom news will not tell you that Akwa Ibom is as well known as the promise Land. But all the above has told you it is indeed the promise land.

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