New York Results: Trump VS Clinton, Who Will Be US President?


The Republican US Presidential candidate and business tycoon Donald Trump and Democratic former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, have grabbed the big win in the New York (NY) primary Tuesday, boosting their race to nominations for the White House.

For New York, which is the largest city in the United States, it was the most decisive New York primary in decades and it leaves self-styled democratic socialist Bernie Sanders with a much tough decision on how to proceed as Clinton extends her overwhelming lead over the Vermont senator.

New York Primary Poll Result

After the New York Primary polls closed, Billionaire Trump emerged as the winner among the republican Presidential candidates with: 60.5% (518,601) votes, against his evangelical rival, Ted Cruz gets 14.5% (123,894) votes and 25.1% (214,755) votes for Ohio Governor John Kasich.

This signals a crushing victory that is likely to thwart Cruz’s desperate hope to block Trump’s path to the nomination with a contested party convention in July. Both Clinton and Trump will now look to replicate their wins in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, which hold primaries on April 26, as they edge closer toward a general election in November.

A delightful Trump, flanked by his family, told a Manhattan victory party,

“To the people that know me the best — the people of New York — when they give us this kind of a vote it’s just incredible.”

“Senator Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated,”

The 69-year-old said this to cheers and applause from supporters at Trump Tower.

The Texas senator, Cruz, who has projected himself as the only Republican capable of beating Trump, is widely disliked across the state for insulting New York’s supposedly non-conservative values earlier in the campaign. Just as CNN predicted, Trump received 89 of the 95 Republican party delegates in New York.

Clinton on the other hand, relished the victory in her adopted home state to stall momentum generated by Sanders who won seven out of the eight previous nominating contests. With 94% of the Democratic vote in, Clinton was leading Sanders 57.7% to 42.3%.

She said to jubilant supporters in a midtown Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan:

“Thank you New York. The race for the Democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sigh.”

According to CNN, the New York GOP primary confirmed the voter sentiments that have propelled Trump’s remarkable campaign. They said the billionaire businessman was the overwhelming favorite among Republican voters who said the next president should be “outside the establishment,” as well as those who are angry at or dissatisfied with the federal government.

More than 9 in 10 Republican voters who said a presidential candidate’s top quality is to “tell it like it is” supported Trump.

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