New Year Resolutions 2018: 5 Smarter Ways To A Successful Year


New Year Resolutions: If you are wondering what it is to make a resolution in new year and if you can keep to these resolutions. Then worry no more because we have got you covered.

Change they say is the only constant thing in life. There comes a time in life when we need to move out of our status quo and move to a better life. Change is everything, everything in life changes, and time changes everything.

For you to be successful in a new year, you must accept change from the old ways to a better ways. There are list of things you can do to have a successful New year resolutions in 2018. Try to read till the end, these points might change your life.

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5 Smarter Ways To Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

1. Visualize The Improvements You Would Want To Make

To visualize means to see clearly. what do you see in your life that needs improvement. It might be your job, talents, relationships, temperament, Academics, communications skills, e.t.c. For there to be an improvement, there must be something you are doing or working on.

Ask yourself these questions, am I doing something? what goal area of my life needs improvement? When you have answered this question, then congratulations, you have found something worth investing in 2018.

Make a list containing the things or areas that you would want to improve in your life. Try to make the list according to the order of priority. That would help a great deal.

2. Set More Realistic Goals For Yourself

When you have made the list of areas you want to improve, the next thing you would have to do is to set goal not unattainable goals but a more realistic short term goals.

In setting a goal, you must  consider how viable and essential your goal is. Finding that out will help determine if the goal can be actualized or not. Some people are used to setting goals that cannot be actualized simply because it is not realistic, and that brings us to this question “how realistic is your goal”?

For a goal to be realistic, it must be SMART. To be SMART means to be S – SPECIFIC, M – MEASURABLE, A – ATTRACTIVE, R – REALISTIC, T – TRANSFORMS. These things are what makes a goal realistic. In the year 2018, make your goals SMART and success will call for you.

3. Have A Focus

To actualize your dreams, you need FOCUS. Focus simply means fixing your eyes on a particular thing until you get it done. Until you get your dreams accomplished, you are not yet focused.

To make your dreams work in a new year especially in 2018, learn to focus on your focus until you become focus – simply put continually strive to be the best until you become the best of the best. As they will always say “whatever you focus on with emotional intensity becomes your utmost reality.” Therefore, to get to the top, quit your distractions and focus on your dreams or goals.

4. Set Deadlines and Constantly Remind Yourself About You Goals

The gig here is not just about setting a goal but it’s all about getting such goal achieved within a specific period of time. A goal without a deadline is not a goal. Just like we pointed out above, for a goal to be realistic it must be specific. To actualize your goal, you must set a deadline. There are two types of goals viz – the long term and short term goals. These are vital questions that you need to ask yourself

  • How long or short it your goal?
  • Can I actualize this goal within the specific time set for it?

In the new year, try set a goal that can be actualized within the year. Learn to focus on it so that it can be a reality. Its okay to have a long term goal but it’s very essential you start with the short goal. As they would say, “every great feat starts small.” Set the goal and be committed in actualizing it, thereby removing all sorts of distractions. Every short term goal achieved is a milestone to achieving a greater one.

5. Celebrate Success

Every great job deserves appreciation likewise every goal achieved deserves to be celebrated. Celebrating success is one thing Africans don’t appreciate. Always learn to celebrate your success because it will keep you going higher in life. As they always say, “when you celebrate yourself, people would celebrate you, but you fail to do so, people will never celebrate you despite having a great achievement.

If you want to be celebrated in life, learn to celebrate your success. Be the number one fan of yourself. Celebrating your success will motivate you achieve more great things in life.

Finally, with the above points, I’m pretty sure your New Year Resolutions for 2018 will be the best so far. Let’s do this, try to make each day count by doing something positive in line with achieving your goals and the world will hear story.

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