Security Alert! New Deadly Gang Emerges In Kaduna


The Kaduna state police have beefed up security following the emergence of a new deadly gang in Kaduna called “Yan Shara” (meaning “Sweepers” in Hausa).

Members of the deadly group are alleged to have been behind the attack of a 41-year old carpenter, Francis Emmanuel, for not fasting during Ramadan.

Many of the members of the group are said to operate and reside in major towns in Kaduna, including Tudun wada, Unguwan Rimi, Kakuri, Unguwan Dosa and Kawo.

Spokesman of the state command, Abubakar Zubair in an interview, says the Kaduna police have all the information about the activities of the gang in some part of the state that include Tudun Wada and Rigasa area and have taken all the necessary steps to bring that to a stop.

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new deadly gang 2

Abubakar Zubair says the case of Unguwan Rimi and Unguwan Dosa are new to him now but the police will step up and find out what actually happened. The police are not taking it lightly with such activities of hoodlums in the state anymore.

A community leader Mal Mustapha, speaking of the group said, as community leaders, they warn the people in Mosques and gatherings to beware and cautious of the deadly gang, since nobody knows what their motives are or what they intend to achieve with such activities.

He therefore called on the Kaduna state Police and the government to see the case as a matter of urgency, and hasten taking action on this group’s activities in the state.

A resident of  Unguwan Dosa, Bello Sani, recounts his ordeal and how he narrowly escaped the group’s terror, hear him;

“After the last prayer of the day, Isha’a at Unguwan Dosa. I was going home from the mosque in Unguwan Dosa when I saw people running and coming my way.

At first I thought it was a riot. Then one lady who was running overtook me and was shouting run! run! run! the sweepers are coming. I did not understand what she meant by sweepers until I saw some shops close to me closing down and also telling me to run.

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“However, before I could run fast, one among them hit me with a big stick on my back. I was able to jump in to a house close to me forcing them to retreat.”