This New Process Of Burying Dead Bodies Will Shock/Freak You Out


All over the world, there are two main ways of burying dead bodies: Those where the corpse is buried underground, or those where the body is cremated and the ashes are buried, kept, or scattered — In Nigeria we opt for burying corpses underground.

Two companies; AquaGreen Dispositions and Hilton’s Unforgettable Tails have just been given a license to dissolve the remains of dead humans and then drain the effluent into municipal sewer system.

According to report, These funeral pioneers uses a powerful alkaline solution to dissolve the deceased body of both pets and humans into beige-hue sludge as an environmentally friendly way of conducting funerals.

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In the name of preserving energy and saving the climate, this gruesome chemical alchemy is now officially, a desirable system through families bury- or rather melt – their loved ones who have past away.

How the Process Works On Dead Bodies

Dale-Hilton-Aquagreen-Dispositions. Funeral Business

They say it’s essentially the same as cremation process. The company’s owner told CBC News that,

“It brings your body back to its natural state, so it’s exactly the same way as if you are buried in the ground. I use the same nutrients out of the ground, I use potash, salt and water.

“So instead of taking 15, 20 years to disintegrate, it does it in a quicker process. And it’s all environmentally friendly.”

Although most of the body is turned into pulp, the skeleton survives the process. It is dried in a convection oven, squashed into a fine powder, and returned to the family in order to be scattered.

Unbeknownst what the wider world would think of having the slushy remains of their loved ones drift around in a sewage, this funeral business seem to be gaining acceptance from environmentally conscious grievers who choose the company’s funeral service over underground burial or cremation.

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I believe we’re yet to see the last of the many crazy ideas for funerals services such as the turning dead bodies into tree or that which recently made the headlines called ‘Infinity Burial Suit’ — contains mushroom spores that grow out from you’re nutrient-rich body once you’ve been buried. That is, the dead body is effectively eaten up by these mushrooms, which also neutralize any environmentally damaging toxins in the corpse.