Chibok Girls: Boko Haram Releases New Video, Restate Demands


A video has surfaced on the internet showing images of the abducted Chibok girls with Boko Haram terrorists. The new Boko Haram video was released on Sunday.

The new video released by Jama’atu Ahlis Sunnah Lidda Awati Wal Jihad (Boko Haram) shows a group of girls it says are part of the 276 girls kidnapped from Chibok town, Borno state.

In the video, Boko Haram called for a release of their fighters in exchange for the girls, 219 of whom are still believed to be in Boko Haram camps.

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The Boko haram terrorists also threatened in the video to attack Maiduguri, Lagos and Abuja.

The video said to have been obtained exclusively by one Ahmad Salkida (‏@ContactSalkida) on Twitter, show the abducted Chibok girls.


Salkida claims the new Boko Haram video was ordered to be released by Abubakar Shekau.

He said:

“Jama‘atu Ahlil Sunnah Li-Da‘awati Wal-Jihad #BH has released a video showing the abducted #Chibokgirls and restating their demands.”

Chibok Girls In New Boko Haram Video

This is the second time Shekau has ordered a video of the abducted Chibok girls to be released to the public, since the abduction of the girls 852 days ago.

Salkida also claimed:

“I’m studying the video of the #Chibokgirls that was sent exclusively to me before their abductors upload it on YouTube later.

“Many of the girls can be seen in the video. A Chibok girl (Maida Yakubu) speaks in mother tongue and narrates how airstrikes has killed dozens of her mates.”

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Horrifying images of some of the Chibok girls alleged to have been killed by airstrikes can be seen in the later end of the video.

The demands of the Boko Haram insurgent remain the same, the only difference being the sense of urgency to rescue the abducted Chibok girls.

Watch the video below:

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