The young lady boss has a deep love for helping others, which is one of the reasons she started her first company, Bear Run Investments, in September, 2013.

Miss Masango, who is unafraid to say her mind, says she hates telling people where she is from, as it is embarrassing to say she’s from a little suburb in the east of Johannesburg called Boksburg.

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Nelisiwe Masango started Bear Run Investments after witnessing numerous people fall for web deceitful pyramid scheme owners and ‘get rich quick’ companies. She saw the need to help educate these people on the proper channels of investing and also introduce them to fully regulated investment companies.

She also got inspiration from watching the movie ‘Pursuit of Happyness.’ The movie portrays Will Smith as a poor man who went on to make millions as a broker. She saw the possibility of making wealth after watching the movie over and over again.

Nelisiwe Masango

Nelisiwe Masango

Nelisiwe Masango wanted to be a brain surgeon and her high school results reflected her capabilities of becoming one, but her love for the investments took over that childhood desire. She says:

“I felt I could help more people with their financial situations through investments than I would as a brain surgeon.

“I would be limited as a doctor because I only have two hands to assist one person at a time. Money might not solve all problems but it does assist, so I think I’m more helpful now.”