How to Check Your NECO Result Online

Every year when NECO releases their exam results, most students are usually eager to know how they performed. Most of them will be going back to their former schools to check their results. But for those who live, or have maybe relocated, far away from where they used to study, going back to your former school to check your results is not necessary with ongoing hi-tech progression. With a little help, they can easily view your NECO exam results online at any time and without going through a major hassle.

Every year, NECO usually announce their release of NECO exam results, and when exactly should students start checking how they performed, as well.

So if you sat for your NECO exam, and you really want to know how you performed; then here are the step by step guidelines on how it’s done:

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Before anything else, you have to buy NECO results checker card if you don’t have one. This checker can actually be purchased from any NECO office in Nigeria. The card will come with a PIN which can only be used to check exam results to a maximum of 5 times. With this pin, you can either check your results through a mobile phone or online using NECO websites.

Checking the NECO Exam results using a mobile phone…

Step 1

To check the results using your mobile phone, simply draft a text-message in the format shown below:

NECO: Exam no: Exam Year: Exam type: Pin

For example:



Please note; (one) the above format should be followed correctly; otherwise, your NECO results will not be sent; (two) the message has no spacing. The entire message should look like one word–take note of that. And lastly, be sure to check if the entire message contains all the 5 fragments: NECO, Exam No, Exam Year, Exam Type, and Pin.

Step 2

After drafting the text as specified, you can now send it to 32327. This shortcode is standard for all networks: MTN, Airtel or Glo. After sending the text, you can wait for NECO to deliver the EXAM results via a text message. Usually, NECO results are delivered in less than 5 minutes, unless there’s congestion or many people are actually using the service.

This message will actually cost you N30 regardless of the network you use.

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 NECO Exam Results
NECO Exam Results Checker

Checking NECO Exam Results Online…

Before anything else, let’s get one thing clear; there are only two NECO websites that are certified for checking your NECO results. They include:


You can use either site to check your NECO results since they all work the same and even serve the same purpose. If you find any other site apart from the enlisted two that claims to show NECO results, don’t trust it.

Once the site opens, you will be presented with five columns that you are supposed to fill in your exam details:

  • Select Examination Type (Like Nov/Dec)
  • Select-Year-of-Examination (Like 2013)
  • Enter-Your-Card-Pin-Number
  • Enter-Your-Examination-Number
  • Lastly, there’s the “check my results” button that you are supposed to click after filling the four slots shown above.
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Take note; the result checker can only display the NECO results from NOV 2006 and henceforth. If you did your exam before that, then you’ll have to visit NECO offices for necessary assistance.

The good thing about checking your results online is that you don’t have to wait. After clicking on the “check my results” button, the results should immediately be displayed on the screen. You can choose to print it if you wish to keep a copy of your NECO results, or simply close the tab if you don’t see the need.

Now after checking your results online, and you wish to contact NECO for clarifications on certain issues; just know it is still possible. Of course, anything can happen. There might be some technical errors with the NECO system, such that you were sent the wrong results. Or perhaps your results cannot be found online. Don’t panic!

The system is actually handling the exam results for the entire nation. And once it gets overloaded, it’s bound to experience some errors. In such a situation, all you need to do is to contact NECO through their support lines.


08052218070; 08069232760; 08052218069; 08052218070; 08126886938; 08126886939; 08189342653; 08189342754


[email protected][email protected]

However, if you don’t find the above support lines and email addresses very helpful, you can still visit NECO offices to file your complaint. But as logic would demand, try to be polite while addressing your issue. Also, note that NECO support lines are only open from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm from Monday to Friday (Nigerian time).


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