Ne-Yo Wouldn’t Mind Performing At Donald Trump’s Inauguration


Ne-Yo Says He Wouldn’t Mind Performing At President-elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Black-American R&B artiste, Ne-Yo says he will perform at Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Back in October during the campaign run-up, Ne-Yo said he would be moving to Canada with Drake if Donald Trump was to win the 2016 presidential election.

Now that Donald Trump has actually become the president-elect, Ne-Yo is singing a completely different tune.

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The R&B star disclosed what he would do if approached by President-elect Trump to perform at his inauguration.

Ne-Yo told TMZ in a new interview saying that he’d accept the invitation without hesitation if Trump were to ask him to perform at his inauguration.

Smiling broadly, Ne-Yo said:

“I wouldn’t go because I support Donald Trump, I’d go because it’s a dope party.

He then added that he’d go to collect his check with a bird and would do so while flipping Trump the bird.

According to him, business, and life must go on.


Ne-Yo is the first Black-American artist to indicate a willingness to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

This is because, as he puts it … “business is business and a party is a party.”

On Thursday at the LAX Airport, the singer spoke with TMZ and disclosed without hesitation that he would be at Trump’s inauguration in an instant if Trump asked him.

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Ne-Yo’s reason, although quite practical, he mentioned that he would be bringing along a surprise for the President-elect.

Back in October, Ne-Yo, as well as some other black musicians had promised to head north if Donald Trump won the elections.

Many of Ne-Yo’s fans have lashed out at him, some even threatening to boycott any song or album he releases if he performs at Trump’s Inauguration.