Ndigbo Will Be Enslaved For 100 Years If We Pursue Presidency – IPOB


The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has rejected the recent calls for Nigeria presidency of Igbo extraction in 2019.

Speaking through its spokesman, Emma Powerful, he said the IPOB was against the idea of an Igbo Presidency in 2019.

He said:

“We do NOT want Igbo presidency as that would mean another 104 years of enslavement in Nigeria.”

“IPOB would like to state for the avoidance of doubt that God in heaven will destroy Biafraland out of anger should we do anything to renew the British created contraption by acceding to the frivolous demand to accept Igbo presidency.”

“Our fight is about freedom, liberty, justice, honour and dignity not political power in Nigeria. Nothing and absolutely nothing will ever make IPOB abandon the quest for the total liberation of Biafraland.”

“IPOB will not accept any presidency because that will mean remaining in failed artificial contraption designed more or less a business centre to cater for the needs of Britain. On no account must we acquiesce to the clamour for Igbo presidency because to us it makes no meaning.”

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“There will be no Igbo presidency, therefore the agitation will continue regardless of what the slavish class of washed out Abuja errand boys in Igboland and beyond decide.”

The group said claims that any Igbo man that joins the clamour of a Nigerian President of Igbo descent will become a victim of history.

 “Our movement has assumed the dimension of a revolution and it will be unwise of any Igbo man to even accept to run for presidency because the level of rejection such person or persons will face cannot be understood until it’s experienced. Any Igbo man that puts Igbo presidency before Biafra is finished with no possibility of redemption in this life.”

“Every right thinking Biafran, be they Igbo or so-called Niger Delta that doesn’t subscribe to the coming of Biafra will be quickly forgotten by history. What we want is total freedom from the neo colonial shackles of Britain operated by Hausa Fulani.