Native Doctor Lures Father And Daughter Into Having Sex


A 35-year old woman’s death has thrown her family and community into rage as they vow to expose her killer and bring him to justice. The chief suspect is a native doctor who they claimed had made her have sex with her father.

The father of Busayo Ojo, the mother of one who died on April 17 after a prolonged illness, Mr. Jimoh Clement Ayibiowu, has accused a popular native doctor in Ilawe-Ekiti, Ekiti West Local Government Area, as being responsible for the death of his daughter. He confessed to having asked her to follow him to a herbalist in 2015 to find a solution to the strange illness he was suffering from. Busayo learned about the healing powers of one Chief Alado on a radio broadcast and they came to Ilawe-Ekiti to seek his help

One of the chiefs-in-council of Ogbagi-Akoko community, identified as Chief Oshodi, disclosed that

Ayibiowu and Busayo his daughter are both from our town, Ogbagi-Akoko. He impregnated Busayo’s mother at a young age but the union later crashed with both going their different ways, but because a child had solidified their relationship, Ayibiowu still related with his daughter and her mother in spite of the separation.

“When on April 17, 2016, Busayo suddenly died under strange circumstances, some of the family members and residents of Ayibiowu cried out, alleging that he must have been the cause of his daughter’s sudden death. He was also putting up very strange behaviour. It was gathered that shortly before she passed on, Busayo had confessed to her mother that a strange thing had happened to her and her father when they visited chief Alado in Ilawe-Ekiti.”

He further explained that Busayo had said that her father had asked her to follow him to the herbalist’s place in Ilawe-Ekiti. They were met by an elderly man at the gate of the building. The man told them to go in, assuring them that Chief Alado was around and that his secretary would attend to them first.

On getting to the bigger building of Chief Alado and entering the first room on the left, a lady asked them to pay a sum of N1,000 as consultation fee, which they did before they were allowed to see Alado. She added that there were expensive vehicles inside the premises of the herbalist which include a limousine, a Hummer Jeep among others.

native doctor

Busayo reported that Chief Alado turned out to be the same old man they had met at the gate who had directed them to his secretary. She said when Ayibiowu explained to him the motive for their visit, he told him to pay a sum of N135,000 for a permanent cure to his ailment as many fetish materials would be procured for the treatment.

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“Busayo said that they pleaded with Chief Alado to reduce the fee as they had only N15,000 on them and could only part with 10,000 because they would need the remaining N5,000 for transport back home.

“After much persuasion, Busayo said Alado accepted and gave some concoction to Ayibiowu and asked him to forcefully vomit something by opening his mouth three times. She said after this, her father vomited a strange object which Alado showed her saying that it was part of the evil deposits that caused Ayibiowu’s illness.”

She then noticed that on carrying out the instruction of the native doctor with her father, her health began to deteriorate.  However, she did not confess until her health condition became critical. Such a behaviour [incest] was understood to be an abomination, the punishment of which was to be paraded around the town with shameful songs.

“It was this confession that angered members of the community and made them to apprehend her father and forced him to confess also. After he was paraded round the town as it is our custom, Ayibiowu confessed and corroborated what his late daughter had said. That is why we are telling the whole world about this development now.”

Chief Alado however dismissed those accusations:

“I don’t know those people. They were never my clients. In fact, if you come to check the records of my visitors which I take daily, you won’t find their names there because they were never here.”