Nigeria Explored: National Council For Arts And Culture Abuja – A Hub For Nigeria’s Most Talented Artists


Earlier this month, the Buzz Nigeria crew visited the National Council for Arts And Culture (NCAC) Abuja and we were totally amazed at the pool of talented individuals available in this blessed country “Nigeria”.

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It’s surprising the amount of talent available in Nigeria, unfortunately, most of these talented individuals end up going to the grave with their talent which would have probably made them millionaires and in return improved the economy of the country.

You find a lot of Nigerians traveling far and wide in search of artworks, paintings and various precious gems which could easily be found or made right here in the country. The rich spend millions of dollars promoting numerous artists all over the world, yet our local talents are ignored and hardly given the recognition and value they deserve.

Even when local artists are cable of producing superior works as compared to other foreign artists, our local artists are usually the last choice or not even considered at all.

About The National Council For Arts And Culture (NCAC)

The National Council For Arts And Culture was established between 1975 and 1987.  It is a Federal Government organization with the responsibility of coordinating development and promotion of the Living Arts and Culture of Nigeria at national and international levels.

The council promotes skill acquisition and youth empowerment through cultural industries by focusing on Arts and Crafts.

Its target areas are in the development of music, traditional dancing, drama, indigenous games, opera, cinema, films, photography, folklore, oral tradition, literature and poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture and general arts, woodworks, embroidery, weaving and similar crafts.

Notable Sites and locations At The NCAC Abuja

As you move around the NCAC, you will notice there are a wide variety of things on sale, artworks, and various artists to engage with. Most of the shops have been creatively made in the form of huts, neatly mapped out in a very clean and safe environment. Other notable places to visit within the complex include:

Madiba Antique

National Council for Arts And Culture

Madiba Antique is a lifestyle Restaurant at the National Council for Arts And Culture Abuja. They focus on Nigerian dishes mostly from the Eastern part of Nigeria. Their menu includes various types of goat meals (Nkwobi, Isi-ewu, and more), ukwa, snails, smoked fish, cow meals (cow leg, cow tail and more), roasted yam, various soups, popular Nigerian dishes and lots more.

The restaurant itself is a work of art; various paintings, artworks, and sculptures have been used for both the interior and exterior decoration. The ambiance of the restaurant is warm and welcoming with very friendly and well-trained staffs. If you are looking for something out of the norm, Madiba Antique is definitely a location to wine and dine when in Abuja.

Female Artists Association Of Nigeria (FEAAN)

National Council for Arts And Culture

The Female Artists Association of Nigeria (FEAAN) was primarily set up with the aim to identify talented Nigerian female artists; and further using them and their skills to bring about positive social changes and developments in the society.

The association engages in several exhibitions that touch on social, political and gender issues in the society. They have an art gallery at the NCAC Abuja where various artworks by numerous female artists are on display and could also be bought. The Art Gallery usually have an event at least once a month which brings the artists together as they showcase their talent and network with others.

The Vision – NCAC

The vision of the organization is to use culture as a cornerstone to build a solid nation where the citizens shall see its cultural diversity as a source of strength.

The Mission Statement – NCAC

The National Council for Arts and Culture shall be committed to the development and promotion of the living Arts and Cultures of Nigeria, using it as resources for national integration and unity; as well as serve as a catalyst for sustainable growth and development of the Nation.

The Goal

National Council for Arts And Culture
An Artist working on a new piece

In line with the vision and mission, the NCAC is refocusing its programs and projects towards positively improving the perception of culture and cultural activities, as serious business opportunities capable of job creation, poverty alleviation, curbing rural-urban drift and economic empowerment.

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Finally, even though more can be done and needs to be done, it is important to note that the Nigerian government is really doing a good job at promoting arts and culture locally. It all comes down to us the citizens to support this industry by visiting and patronizing our local artists.

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