Naira Marley Has Four Children and Two Wives – Meet Them Here

Azeez Adesina Fashola, best known as Naira Marley, is one of the most sought after and contentious music celebrities in Nigeria. Owing to the raw and earthy approach of his music philosophy, coupled with the fact that he enjoys living la Vida Loca, many of his fans would have never imagined that Naira Marley has since been married let alone visualizing him having two wives with four kids.

However, this shocking revelation about his marital status only came into the public light amidst his controversial arrest by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), where Naira Marley disclosed that he is married to two wives and has four children. He added that all his children are citizens of the UK and are currently based there. He said these in a bid to exonerate himself from being a criminal while insisting that he is just but a responsible father.

Naira Marley is Currently 33 Years Old

Naira Marley, was born on May 10, 1991, at Agege, Lagos. He was raised in a large extended family along with his siblings. He has two younger brothers, whose names are Babatudnde Moshood Fashola, also known as Shuddy Funds, and Idris Fashola, who is more popularly known as Marley Jr.

Naira Marley wives and kids
Throwback Photo of Naira Marley during a Muslim religious festival in Nigeria: image source

Though Naira Marley was originally born in Lagos and had a significant part of his childhood growing up in Nigeria, he was only 11 years old when he left the shores of the country for England. While in England, Naira Marley lived at Peckham, South London, England, where he initially attended the Porlock Hall, before moving to Walworth School, where he received his GCSE. Upon his graduation from Walworth School, Naira Marley got accepted into the Peckham Academy, where he graduated with a distinction in Business.

Again, in his quest to advance his knowledge, Naira Marley proceeded further to the Crossways College (currently known as Christ the King Sixth Form College) where he majored in business law, and it was after the completion of his studies there that he threw his full weight on his musical career, and began his journey to stardom.

He is the brain behind the controversial fan base name known today as Marlians; this slogan has become more or less an anthem on the lips of most Nigerian youths and teenagers. This Nigerian Afrobeats rapper has been able to infuse a different flare of zest and uniqueness into the Nigerian music and entertainment industry, which has easily gone down well with his mammoth but controversial fan base across Africa and the world over.

The Afrobeats Rapper Had His First Child At 24

Naira Marley
Naira Marley’s Children – Image Source

Naira Marley is not only the father of all Marlians but also a father of four, even at his young age. The Afrobeat enigma was only 24 years old when he became a father. This played out in 2015 when one of his wives had her first issue that turned out to be a set of twins, two cute lovely girls. He also has two sons from his second wife. Let’s meet them below.

Meet Naira Marley’s Twin Daughters – Aishat and Simiat Fashola

The first twin daughters of Naira Marley are currently 9 years old. They were born on April 21, 2015, and at the time of their birth, Naira Marley was 24 years old. As you can judge for yourself from their photos, these cute little angels are so identical one could hardly place hands on their differences. The rapper often flaunts his beautiful children on social media, especially during their birthdays, outings, and other special events.

The Marlian President Also Has Two Sons – Farouq and Fawaz Fashola

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Shortly after the birth of Naira Marley’s first twins, his other wife also gave birth to his first son Farouk, also known as Jojomarlian. He was born on 30th October 2015, and the future Malian King Farouk is now 8 years old.

The fourth and last born of the Marlian household at the moment is 6-year-old Fawaz Fashola, who was born on April 7, 2018. Going by this, it is obvious that the large family background from which Naira Marley was born may have unconsciously influenced his desire to equally raise a pretty large family for himself, thereby following the footsteps of his father and prolonging his family lineage.

What We Know About Naira Marley’s Two Wives

It is on record that the Marlian President has two wives. However, the rapper has chosen to keep his fans in suspense regarding the actual names or profiles of his wives, but what is certain is that one of his wives is said to be the mother of his first twin daughters Aishat and Samiat, while the other prides herself as the mother to his first and last sons Farouq and Fawaz.

Naira Marley and his wives: Image Source

Arguably, many of his fans are curious to know whether any of Naira Marley’s wives are older than he is; nevertheless, little is known about them. Be that as it may, judging by their facial looks, they both seem not to be much older than he is. But when the Marlian President has decided to reveal the true identities of his two wives, we would be glad to keep you up to speed with that information on this platform.

Do Naira Marley’s Two Wives Live In The Same House?

Going by Vanguard newspapers entertainment reports, Naira Marley revealed how he wakes up his wife with a hard erection, although there is no clear indication as to whether his two wives live in separate houses in the UK. We learned during his interrogation by the EFCC that his two wives and four children are UK citizens and are all living in the United Kingdom.

Overview Of Niara Marley’s Music Career

Though he released his debut EP Gotta Dance in 2015, Naira Marley came to the spotlight in 2017 after the release of the Olamide and Lil Kesh assisted single ‘Issa Goal,’ which was later adopted as the theme song for the Nigerian Super Eagles during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Since then, he has been able to drop several hit-making songs, including ‘Am I a Yahoo Boy,’ which got him into the nets of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), and the hit track ‘Soapy’ was dropped upon his release from prison in 2019, after his litigation with the EFCC. The song fetched him the prestigious Viewer’s Choice Award at the 2020 Soundcity MVP Awards.


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