Must Read For All Men: 10 Perfect Definitions Of A Real Man


These are the perfect definitions of a real man, according to men. Ladies and Gentlemen, do you agree? It probably sounds very cliché, but men with such traits are every women’s dream so you might want to take peek and find out where you fit in or where you wish to mend.

1. A real man is proud of his woman.

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He always shows off his babe/wife and is never ashamed to walk with her, share things publicly with her and even tell his friends about her.

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2. He is a patient man

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A real man knows that women are complex and in most cases difficult to handle. He is very patient knowing when and how to talk to her with polite and lovely words. There is no pressure and he’s never in a hurry as he’s very systematic in dealing with his woman.

3. A real man is very understanding


He understands how fragile women are and so treats her with utmost care. He understands when his woman is happy, sad, in need of something or emotionally depressed and he’s always by her side to listen and give her a warm smile.

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4. He is caring


A real man is always there for his woman. He makes sure his woman is happy and comfortable. He provides for her needs, tries new things with her and always makes her feel like no one can ever love her the way he does.

5. A real man appreciates his woman

He at all times seizes the slightest opportunity to tell her how beautiful she is. It is his duty to tell her that every day and especially when she is on a new cloth and whenever she makes a new hair-do.

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6. He is supportive

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A real man supports his woman completely both physically, financially & emotionally. Seeing her successful is his greatest admiration.

7. A real man loves beyond imperfection

He realizes his woman’s imperfections, and encourages her to adjust and become a better person.

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8. A real man loves and keeps only one woman


Do you think this part can be so hard? I think it’s easy. There are several men who are faithful to the core.

9. He is honest and responsible


A real man never lies to his woman. He never cheats. He gives her attention no matter how busy he is. He’s not a pretender and he is faithful and committed to his woman and their relationship.

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10. A real man is a GODLY MAN

It’s simply an endless list, but suffice it to say that men are like fine wine. They start out as grapes, and it’s up to women to stomp on them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with.