Muslim Lecturer Drags TB Joshua To Court For Calling Jesus Christ ‘God’


A prominent Islamic lecturer, Sheikh Hussaini Yusuf Mabera, has threatened to drag Pastor TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) to court.

In a controversial Facebook post, Sheikh Mabera who is also a debater, author and conference speaker, admitted that he watched Joshua’s popular television channel Emmanuel TV regularly, claiming the Pastor’s crime is that he describes Jesus Christ as God. He wrote:

“I am filing a case to the Federal High Court of Nigeria against Pastor TB Joshua and co-pastors for speaking a lie against Jesus Christ by calling him God,” Sheikh Mabera began in a Facebook post which soon went viral.

“I was completely aghast when I heard the ‘so-called’ Prophet TB Joshua of Emmanuel TV calling Jesus God in the presence of thousands of his audience, among whom were professors, doctors, reverend fathers and mothers, pastors and bishops.”

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Sheikh Mabera

The Sheikh stressed that from his own research, the Bible itself is replete with evidence contradicting the deification of Jesus Christ. Sheikh Mabera, who has a school where he trains other Muslims in the art of defending their faith, continued by concluding TB Joshua and his folk lack “proper understanding” of Scriptural truths.

“As I was watching TB Joshua speaking through Emmanuel TV and his audience helplessly watching and listening to his accumulated lies and unfounded praise-singing directed at Jesus, I almost cried with automatic alacrity when he said that Jesus is Almighty God. My conclusion was that both TB Joshua and other Christians actually read their Bible without a proper understanding of what they are reading.”

Quoting several Scriptures to support his claims that Jesus Christ was a “servant of God”, and not God Himself, the Muslim cleric said, “There are millions of facts from the Scriptures and other rational facts that authentically proved that Jesus does not have even the least qualification of being God.”

In conclusion, Mabera declared that pastor TB Joshua was “deceiving and misguiding his innocent followers with preposterous lies.” He called on the man of God to meet him in court and debate it out with a final caption; “Enough is Enough.”

Meanwhile, according to reports in Uganda, 37 coffins were deposited at the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) in Kampala, by traders who were protesting against the church.

The coffins were dumped in the church compound after the coffin dealers accused officials of the church of blocking drainage channels in the area and in the process diverting drainage water into their business premises.

SCOAN in Uganda

Ugandan local media reported that Police Officers at Wandegeya Division Police Station were stranded with 37 coffins they confiscated from the traders who were protesting against Pastor Samuel Kakande last month after they refused to reclaim them.

The coffins were dumped in Pastor Kakande’s church compound at Kubiri junction in Wandegeya on Gayaza Road and over 18 people were arrested during the protests but later released on police bond.

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Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, said they are now tired of keeping the coffins since they are occupying vital space.