From Muslim To Christain, El Rufai Prays For Nigeria In Church 


The Kaduna State Governor, Nasir Ahmed el Rufai yesterday had visited the Later Rain Assembly Church in Lagos for the sole purpose of praying for Nigeria in distress.

According to the Governor during the Sunday’s (July 31) service with Pastor Tunde Bakare, he was extremely sad that Nigerians were passing through the worst economic downturn ever witnessed in the history of the nation.

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El Rufai’s visit to a church had shocked many, as he is of Islamic religion. While some media comments applauded his good intentions, other’s mock him.

The Governor had earlier on March this year, introduced controversial preaching bill to Kaduna State House of Assembly. In the bill, El Rufai suggested to put regulations and restrictions on how preaching and religious rites are performed in the state, with sanctions spelt out for violators.

Judging from his visit to the a church, many said he must be clamouring to run for the next President of Nigeria.

However, the Governor who spoke during the Sunday service noted that there was no denying the fact that Nigerians were contending with multi challenges, which were the outcome of the looting of the nation’s resources in the past years.

His statements were laced with affections and pity for President Buhari whom he said has been a lot of burden all the while he was Nigeria’s leader from 1989 till date.

El Rufai said:

“We have always known that there is massive corruption in Nigeria but the revelations of the past one year have shocked even the most pessimistic of critics. Nearly 70 per cent of Nigeria’s oil revenues disappeared without a trace.

“Of course, there must be consequences for that. When we sit down with President Buhari these days, I pity him. I pity him because he has always become President anytime Nigeria is in trouble.

“First, it was after the NPN (National Party of Nigeria) government had almost grounded the economy (in 1984) and now, after a massive looting of the nation’s treasury; and he has to lead the team to fix it.

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“But we are working round the clock to fix these problems. With your prayers and the cooperation of Nigerians, we shall surmount these problems.”

He encouraged all people to pray for Nigeria to succeed quoting that “Nigerians belonged to one nation under one God,” and there should not be any reason to discriminate based on religion.