Murder Case: Two Mothers Consciously Murdered Their Kids In Bizarre Manners


Whether psychological or demonic influences, courts could not comprehend what motivated these women to murder their children in broad daylight without any conscience or remorse.

The first bizarre crime reported by the US media involves a 28-year old West Virginia woman, Molly Joe Delgado, who allegedly killed her two sons, Delmer, 3, and Justin, 5, intentionally by setting fire to their beds and locking them inside their trailer home.

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According to PEOPLE, Delgado set fire to her sons’ beds as they slept and locked both boys and her husband inside the trailer house. Woken by the smoke, Delgado’s husband tried to save their sons to no avail, he then screamed for help through the kitchen window.

Delgado’s father, Drew McCombs, who lives across the street, heard his son-in-law crying for help from a kitchen window and opened the trailer door, which had been secured from the outside, the criminal complaint alleges.

The criminal complaint alleged that Delgado’s father, Drew McCombs, who lives across the street, heard his son-in-law crying for help and opened the trailer door, which had been secured from the outside. McCombs also tried to save his grandsons, but the heavy smoke made it impossible for him to find the boys. Delmer and Justin Delgado were pronounced dead at the scene.

Delgado was reportedly arrested on Wednesday following a six-weeks investigation that involved personnel from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, the Loudoun County Fire Marshal, the West Virginia State Police and the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department.

She is being detained without bail and has yet to enter a plea to the three charges against her.

The second crime involves a 43-year-old Pennsylvania woman, Laurel Michelle Schlemmer, who Psychiatrists said was in her right state of mind when she drowned her two young sons.

In defense of her actions, a psychiatrist testified that Schlemmer tried to be an “ideal Christian, loyal mother” but felt overwhelmed by her husband’s desire for more children and his religious stance that they avoid birth control before she drowned their two youngest sons in a bathtub.

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It is reported that she held her sons, 6-year-old Daniel and 3-year-old Luke, face down in the water while she sat on them April 1, 2014. Luke died that day; Daniel died four days later. Schlemmer earlier confessed she tried to kill Luke and Daniel a year by tying their hands and feet with twine then backing over them with her car three times, only to later claim that was an accident.

Dr. Robert Wettstein who testified as witness said Schlemmer’s ability to form the intent to kill was “significantly impaired” and “substantially diminished”.

Evidence against Schlemmer is aimed at getting first-degree murder convictions, which would mean she would face life in prison for each boy’s death. It is predicted the Judge could also find her guilty of third-degree murder, which carries up to 40 years in prison; whether guilty but mentally ill, or not guilty.