Muna Obiekwe Finally Buried In His Hometown [See Photos]


The movie icon who stopped walking the streets of earth on January 19, 2015 has been laid to rest in his hometown Umudioka, Anambra state. As Muna Obiekwe finally entered the square stones and gravels marking out his grave so did family, friends and colleagues in the movie industry cry out their eyes in mourning. Another great loss by Nollywood. He will be greatly missed by many. See pictures of his burial below.

His grave well-kept and marked out with up to hundred, maybe two hundred stones, in orderly rows. Indeed life is hard and it’s short. We’ll like to see your comments below, tell us what you think


Muna is survived by two children

The arrival of Muna’s body in a casket.


Muna Obiekwe Burial3

Muna Obiekwe burial1

Muna’s last pictures, still handsome even in a casket.


His family and friends held a candle light procession  on Sunday, February 1, 2015

Muna Obiekwe burial2 Muna Obiekwe Burial5jpg

They held a procession to demonstrate their sadness



Muna 30

Farewell Handsome, we all miss and pray you rest in the bosom of the Almighty God.

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