Child Kidnapper Meets His Waterloo As Brave Mum Chase Him Hot


A suspected child kidnapper identified as Haruna, caused pandemonium on Agbe Road in the Abule Egba area of Lagos State on Wednesday after he snatched a little girl from her mother and made to run away with her on a motorcycle.

The confused mother of the 2-year-old child did not waste time in raising her voice in alarm that her daughter was abducted by the kidnapper, while she chased the fast-moving motorcycle. Her cry drew the attention of some pedestrians and motorcyclists who also joined in the hot chase.

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When the 35-year-old suspect realized that many people were after him, he threw the child from the bike thinking people would stop chasing him but the chasers didn’t give up and eventually captured him and beat him to a stupor. He was stripped naked and injured before being handed over to policemen from the Oko Oba division.

Brave Mum Chases Child Kidnapper, Rescues Daughter

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Saheed, a motorcyclist in the area, said the suspect dropped the girl when it became obvious to him that the woman and other motorcyclists were on his trail. That nevertheless, did not pacify the mob, who were determined to catch him.

He said:

“The child was walking beside the mother around 3pm; they were heading for a shop. The suspect, who rode a motorcycle, suddenly grabbed the child and sped off. The woman started shouting and running after the man.

“Although the man was almost out of sight, other motorcyclists and pedestrians began to give him a chase. There was confusion in the area as everyone mobilised to assist the woman get the kidnapper.

“We thank God that it was a successful effort. When the man saw that other motorcyclists were closing in on him, he dropped the girl, but the people refused to turn back.

“He was caught and stripped naked; he got the beating of his life. He was almost killed by the mob before some people dragged him to the Oko Oba Police Station.”

The child was later taken to a hospital to be treated for the injuries she sustained during the incident.