Mercy Johnson Claps Back At Those Who Think She Charges Too Much For Her Movie Roles


Mercy Johnson, is one of the most controversial actresses in Nigeria. Though she is massively talented, she has attracted the attentions of all kinds of critics both in her movies and real life. She first came to limelight when she featured in the movie, The Maid, where she played a possessed Nanny. Ever since, she became the favourite of multiple movie producers and evidently, she has appeared in many movies.

Mercy Johnson Okojie is in fact the highest paid actress in Nollywood right now. Apart from being the favourite actress of most respected movie producers, the dark-skinned curvaceous actress has gained sufficient prominence so much so that she placed herself on a pedestal where she now charges up to N2million for each movie. Yes, you didn’t mistake the sentence, Mercy Johnson collects a whooping 2 million just for a movie role.

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In the past five years or more, Mercy Johnson’s name and face became a tag that can make any movie sell faster than any other movie at market. Knowing this feat, it is not shocking why the actress has hiked her fees to climb really high for marketers and producers who want her to serve her profuse talent in their flicks.

While the rest of her counterparts are paid between N700,000 and N1.2million, she charges much more. Consequently, it was alleged a few months ago that the Film and Video Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria (FVPMAN) fired some threats to take hostile action against the actress by banning her for reportedly becoming unreasonably high with her fees, which have climbed up immoderately.
However, the star responded by asking her critics to start striking deals with less payable actresses, if they cannot afford to pay her.

Quoting her:

Wats wrong when u keep quiet till u no wats up? No petition, no complain just fees those who can’t afford Heineken should stick with ‘Kai kai’

Her response goes to show that she recognizes her immerse talent is not hesitating to make the most of it and it is not sitting well with some producers.

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