MTN Data Plan: Prices, Activation Codes, Bundles, All You Need To Know

Like every other network/internet service provider in Nigeria, MTN sporadically alters their data plan packages to suit their business. As a result, it can be quite difficult to tell which MTN data plan/code is correct per time.

This article’s aim is to explore the current MTN Data Plans including daily, weekly, monthly as well as quarterly plans for your phones (Android, Blackberry, iPhone), tablets and modems (laptop/desktop/computer). Also, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the MTN data plan, including how to borrow data.

MTN Data Plan For Android, iOS (iPhone) & Modem

MTN once had the most expensive data plan for mobile devices, however with competitors like Glo and Airtel ever on the outlook to win over the hearts of more and more customers with mouth-watering or should we say phone-watering (lol) deals, MTN has been forced to make her prices more affordable.

Hitherto, MTN had over 15 different data plans for Android/mobile users, but in recent times, that number has been cut to 9 very affordable plans, making the choosing process less ambiguous for the user.

Gone are the days when internet providers had different packages for Android, iPhone and modems. MTN has developed a single data plan that suits all mobile mediums, well, with the exception of the once beloved Blackberry, more on that anon.

Below are lists of the currently working MTN data plan prices and activation codes for Android, iPhones and Modem devices.


1. Price: ₦100

Data Value: 30 MB

Duration/Validity: 24 Hours

Activation Code: Text “104” to “131”

2. Price: ₦200

Data Value: 100 MB

Duration/Validity: 24 Hours

Activation Code: Text “113” to “131”


1. Price: ₦500

Data Value: 750 MB

Duration/Validity: 7 Days

Activation Code: Text “103” to 131


1. Price: ₦1,000

Data Value: 1.5 GB

Duration/Validity: 30 Days

Activation Code: Text “106” to “131”

2. Price: ₦2,000

Data Value: 3.5 GB

Duration/Validity: 30 Days

Activation Code: Text”110″ to “131”

3. Price: ₦5,000

Data Value: 10 GB

Duration/Validity: 30 Days

Activation Code: Text “116” to “131”

4. Price: ₦10,000

Data Value: 22 GB

Duration/Validity: 30 Days

Activation Code: Text “117” to “131”


Price: ₦20,000

Data Value: 50 GB

Duration/Validity: 60 Days

Activation Code: Text “118” to “131”


Price: ₦50,000

Data Value: 85 GB

Duration/Validity: 90 Days

Activation Code: Text “133” to “131”


Q: How Do I Check My MTN Data Balance on Android, iPhone?

A: Just SMS “102” to “131” and you’ll receive a feedback message showing you how much of your data is left as well as the expiry date.

Q: Can I Rollover My Unused Data? How Does Data Rollover Work?

A: Absolutely Yes! You can rollover your unused data to your next subscription. All you simply need do is auto-renew your subscription before it expires and your unused data will automatically roll over.

However, the data rollover is applicable to ONLY MONTHLY packages.

MTN Blackberry Data Plan

MTN data plan

Blackberry has long been divided into two categories, the regular Blackberry (that is the bolds, the curves etc) and the Blackberry 10 OS. Each of them has a unique data plan. Let’s start with the regular Blackberry.

MTN Data Plans for the regular Blackberry includes the BB Complete Plan and the BB Absolute Plan. Just like the Android/iPhone/Modem MTN Data Plans, each of the regular Blackberry plans comes with the daily, weekly, and monthly options.


This service allows you connect your Blackberry to only one (1) Blackberry email address, something like

You can also use one third party email account. That is the Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

You will have access to the BBM and other messaging apps like WhatsApp, and Facebook.

The bad part? You don’t get to access the Blackberry Protect feature which lets you back up your contacts. However, you get unlimited access to the internet of course until your data is exhausted. So here are the CODES.


Price: ₦100

Data Value: 100 MB

Duration/Validity: 24 Hours

Activation Code: SMS “BBCDAY” to “21600”


Price: ₦500

Data Value: 500 MB

Duration/Validity: 7 Days

Activation Code: SMS “BBCWEEK” to “21600”


Price: ₦1,000

Data Value: 2 GB

Duration/Validity: 30 Days

Activation Code: SMS “BBC” to “21600”


The BB Absolute Plan allows you access up to 10 third-party email accounts. You get to use the Blackberry Protect as well as every instant messaging service, BBM, WhatsApp etc.


Price: ₦100

Data Value: 100 MB

Duration/Validity: 24 Hours

Activation Code: SMS “BBDAY” to “21600”


Price: ₦550

Data Value: 500 MB

Duration/Validity: 7 Days

Activation Code: SMS “BBWEEK” to “21600”


Price: ₦1,500

Data Value:  2 GB

Duration/Validity: 30 Days

Activation Code: SMS “BIS” to “21600”


Price: ₦4,000

Data Value:  2 GB per month

Duration/Validity: 3 Months

Activation Code: SMS “BBQ” to “21600”

MTN Blackberry 10 PLANS

This plan is strictly for users of the Blackberry 10 Operating Software (OS) which is found in Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30, and Classic. Users have three main options to choose from including the BB 10 Maxi, BB 10 Midi, and BB 10 Mini.

Unlike with the BB Complete and Absolute, there is no much difference between the BB 10 Maxi, Midi and Mini, they all grant the same access, the ONLY difference is in the inclusive data at your disposal. Each of them is also available on daily, weekly and monthly bundles.

BB 10 Maxi Daily 

Price: ₦200

Data Value: 50MB

Activation Code: *216*5*1# OR SMS  “BBMAXIM” to “21600”

BB 10 Maxi Weekly

Price: ₦1,100

Data Value: 350MB

Activation Code: *216*5*2# OR SMS “BBMAXIW” to “21600”

BB 10 Maxi Monthly

Price: ₦3,000

Data Value: 1.5 GB

Activation Code: *216*5*3# OR SMS “BBMAXIM” to “21600”

BB 10 Midi Daily

Price: ₦100

Data Value: 15 MB

Activation Code: *216*4*1# OR SMS “BBMIDID” to “21600”

BB 10 Midi Weekly

Price: ₦550

Data Value: 125 MB

Activation Code: *216*4*2# OR SMS “BBMIDIW” to “21600”

BB 10 Midi Monthly

Price: ₦1,500

Data Value: 500 MB

Activation Code: *216*4*3# OR SMS BBMIDIM to “21600”

BB 1o Mini Daily

Price: ₦70

Data Value: 10 MB

Activation Code: *216*3*1# OR SMS “BBLITED” to “21600”

BB 10 Mini Weekly

Price: ₦350

Data Value: 70 MB

Activation Code: *216*3*2# OR SMS “BBLITEW”  to “21600”

BB 10 Mini Monthly

Price: ₦1,000

Data Value: 260 MB

Activation Code: *216*3*3# OR SMS “BBLITEM” to “21600”

MTN Data Plan For Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

With MTN’s BBM Data plan, Blackberry users can access the BBM instant messaging app but with no access to the internet. The inclusive data bundle on each plan is for sharing and receiving media files and not for internet access.

BBM Daily Plan – Price: ₦25, Data: 5MB, Code: Text “BBMD” to 21600

BBM Weekly Plan – Price: ₦100, Data: 25 MB, Code: Text “BBMW” to 21600

BBM Monthly Plan – Price: ₦350, Data: 100 MB, Code: Text “BBMM” to 21600

POINTS TO NOTE: The activation codes can also be used on non-Blackberry devices to access the BBM instant messaging app, which is now available on Android, and iOS smartphones.


Q: How Do I Check My MTN Data Balance on Blackberry?

A: Simply SMS the word “Status” to 21600. You will receive a feedback SMS displaying your data balance as well as the expiration date.

MTN Goodybag Social

For MTN users that want to stay chatting but for some reasons do not want to go for the heavy bundles that offer internet access, well, the MTN Goodybag Social feature has got you covered. You can stay connected to your preferred social media platform (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter 2go, Nimbuzz) weekly or monthly for as little as ₦25.

MTN data plan

To stay connected to more than one social media platform, all you need do is subscribe differently for each one. While there is no inclusive data placed on each package, there is a limit to how much you can share depending on your preferred bundle.

For daily subscribers, you can share only 10 MB worth of media. The weekly plans come with a data limit of 25 MB while the monthly users have not more than 80 MB at their disposal.

Facebook Weekly – Price: ₦25, Code: Text “FBW” to 131

Facebook Monthly – Price ₦60, Code: Text “FBM” to 131

Twitter Weekly – Price: ₦25, Code: Text “TWTW” to 131

Twitter Monthly – Price: ₦60, Code: Text “TWTM” to 131

Eskimi Weekly – Price: ₦25, Code: Text “ESKW” to 131

Eskimi Monthly – Price: ₦60, Code: Text “ESKM” to 131

2go Weekly – Price: ₦25, Code: Text “2GOW” to 131

2go Monthly – Price: ₦60, Code: Text “2GOM” to 131

Nimbuzz Weekly – Price: ₦25, Code: Text “NIMW” to 131

Nimbuzz Monthly – Price: ₦60, Code: Text “NIMM” to 131

WeChat Weekly – Price: ₦25, Code: Text “WCW” TO 131

WeChat Monthly – Price: ₦60, Code: Text “WCM” TO 131

WhatsApp Weekly – Price: ₦25, Code: Text “WAW” TO 131

WhatsApp Monthly – Price: ₦60, Code: Text “WAM” TO 131


Q: How Do I Access All Available GoodyBag Bundles?

A: Dial the USSD code *662# and all available Goodybag bundles will be displayed; you can then make your choice from there.

Q: How Do I Unsubscribe from a Goodybag Social Bundle?

A: To unsubscribe from any Goodybag social plan, just SMS the word NO followed by the subscription keyword to “131”. For example, to unsubscribe from the WhatsApp Monthly bundle, text NO WAM to 131.

NOTE: Your Goodybag Bundle with automatically auto-renew, so if you don’t want an auto-renew, be sure to unsubscribe from it after it has expired to avoid your airtime being taken after you recharge. IT CAN BE VERY ANNOYING!

Q: How Do I Check My Active GoodyBag Social Bundle?

Just Dial *559*25#

How Do I Borrow Data From MTN?

Broke but desperately need to be online? You Can Borrow Data From MTN using the MTN XtraByte feature. It is simple and works the same way as borrowing airtime. The money for the data will automatically be deducted from your next recharge. The service charges a 15% interest.

For example, if you borrow 30 MB daily data bundle which originally goes for ₦100, ₦115 will be deducted from your next recharge. If that your next recharge is 200, MTN will take ₦115 leaving just ₦85 in your main airtime account.

To be ELIGIBLE for this feature, you MUST have been an MTN subscriber for at least 3 months. Also, your airtime balance should be between ₦0 – ₦12. To check your eligibility for the service, simply dial *606# and then press 1.

The MTN XtraByte Service gives you 5 data bundle options to choose from including 10MB, 30 MB, 100 MB, 200 MB and 750MB.

The Table below gives a summary of the MTN XtraByte Service.

XtraByte Band Customer obtains Bundle Price Recovered Amount Validity
10MB 10MB ₦50 ₦57.50 24 Hours
30MB 30MB ₦100 ₦115 24 Hours
100MB 100MB ₦200 ₦230 24 Hours
200MB 200MB ₦300 ₦345 48 Hours
750MB 750MB ₦500 ₦575 7 Days

The MTN website has numerous FAQs on the MTN XtraByte service. Click here to see.

Can I Share My MTN Data With Family And Friends?

This service was previously possible by following a procedure where you would need to register your account for MTN Data Share and register 5 beneficiaries. However, review from customers shows that this service is no longer active. Also, MTN has taken it off their official site.

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MTN Data Plan Usage Guide

Internet users are more often than not surprised at the rate at which their data gets exhausted. Many of them often turn to the customer care service to air their frustration or sometimes even switch to a different internet service provider.

To help Internet users have a fair estimate of how their data is expended, MTN came up with a data usage guide.

1 hour instant messaging 0.25MB- 1MB
1 hour of web browsing 1.5MB-25MB
Download 100 e-mails 1MB-10MB
1 hour on Facebook 2MB- 80MB
Download 1 photo 0.05MB-2Mb
Download 1 MP3 file 3MB- 8MB
1 software download 70MB-800MB
1 hour of video streaming ( e.g. YouTube) 250Mb-500MB

MTN Data Settings

If you are unable to browse with an MTN sim, you probably do not have the right configuration. To configure your device manually use the settings information below:

WEB Settings For Android and iOS (iPhones)

Account Name: MTN WEB
Port :
Access point name (APN):

WAP Settings for WAP/Feature Phones

Account Name: MTN WAP
IP address (Proxy):
Port: 9201
Username: web
Password: web
Access point name (APN):


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