BIZARRE! Mortuary Attendants Storm Funeral Service, Seize Corpse [Video]


There was commotion at the Tema Community 9 Cemetery, Ghana on Saturday, February 11, 2017, when a Mortuary attendant with Tema General Hospital stormed the burial ground to seize a dead body over an unpaid balance of GH¢40 (N3K) owned him by the family of the deceased for the services he rendered.

Eyewitnesses said the enraged mortuary attendant in the company of a colleague, had stormed the cemetery while the body was being interred, seized the coffin, opened it, picked out the dressed corpse and started heading back to the mortuary.

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According to him, the family of the deceased failed to pay the full amount and while he was busily preparing other bodies for burial, they sneaked the corpse out of the mortuary, headed straight to the cemetery to bury and was ready to proceed to perform the funeral.

mortuary attendant

The funeral later continued following the intervention of some elders and friends of the deceased.

In 2016, a Cameroonian man, Sharkan Lucas, who works a mortuary attendant at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Ghana made shocking revelations on how he took to having sex with dead bodies due to constant rejection from ladies because of the nature of his work

Lucas, who insisted he was mentally stable, claimed sleeping with the dead women (an act called necrophilia) was part of the training he received when he was hired at the hospital in Ghana.

“I do it many many times. That is the training you have to do that, because once you have done that you will not be afraid of them again. If you want to bath the dead body, you will carry her legs up to wash her private part, that’s why we are taught to learn to sleep with the corpses. When I am inside the mortuary, I see some fresh girls and I satisfy myself.


“Being with dead bodies is normal for me because I am with them day and night. I feel like they are living whenever I am at work.

“Besides, I wanted to marry but the girl says I am a mortuary man. I can satisfy myself at the mortuary because girls don’t want to date me outside or live with me for fear that I may kill them. Living women rejected me because of my job, that is why I am still single.

“Since I was born, I have never slept with a living being. Working in a mortuary is a gift God gave me, it’s my talent. It’s very rare, not everybody can do it. I am okay, I have no mental issues,” he added.

Lucas was, however, sacked shortly after he revealed this on Ghanaian TV station ADOM TV.

“When I got back to work three day after (yesterday), my colleague said my supervisor brought policemen to arrest me. They did not let me go near the mortuary again and I have worked with them for 2 years and 6 months and I have not been paid.

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“I want them to pay my money so I can go back to my country,” Lucas had said.