Woman Burns Househelp With Hot Iron For Sleeping On Duty


Mrs. Monica Momodu, a 39-year-old expectant mother, is currently cooling off in the Police web for allegedly abusing her house help with a hot pressing iron. The victim, Sara Egbadon, who is a Junior Secondary School 2 student, had lived with Mrs. Momodu for five years on Abiodun Adesida Street, Oke Afa, Lagos, since she was brought from Supenu-Irua, in Edo State. According to a report by Punch, 13-years-old  Sara was ironing some clothes belonging to Momodu’s children on Sunday when she started dosing off.

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Worried that the maid might burn her children’s clothes, Monica Momodu was reported to have grabbed the hot iron from her and landed it on her hand and thigh. The victim, who said that she was truly feeling sleepy, explained that she had washed the children’s clothes and had fanned the woman when there was power outage and as a result, was very exhausted by the time the electricity was restored, but instead of the woman allowing her to rest, she ordered her to iron the clothes.

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The case was reported to the police at the Aswani division, when Sara’s teacher noticed the injuries, leading to Monica’s arrest. Narrating her ordeal in the hands of her madam, Sara said:

 “My mum divorced my dad about six years ago and she is now in Benin. She left my three siblings and I with him. When he could not take care of us, he gave me to madam who is our relative. On Sunday, she said it was stuffy and told me to fan her. When the electricity was restored, she told me to iron her children’s clothes. I was sleepy while  ironing the clothes.”

“She said I wanted to burn the clothes, collected the iron and placed it on my hand and thigh. Her husband is not aware of the way she treats me. He lives in Abuja and comes home once in a while. Whenever we travel home, she is kind to me in  the presence of my father. I want to go back home.”

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However, Mrs. Momodu told her own version of the story saying that the housemaid inflicted the injuries on herself with the pressing iron out of fear, when she rebuked her for sleeping while ironing. She also said that she had wanted to take her back home but her father refused.

“She was sleeping and I asked her how she could be sleeping while ironing,” Monica said. “It was that shock that led to all this. I did not know she informed her teacher. The iron fell on her. I did not do it. I did not tell her to fan me.”

Do you smell the pot of lies around here? Where do you think it’s coming from? Mrs. Monica Momodu or Miss Sara Egbadon?

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