Is Monalisa Chinda Pregnant Again? Actress Reacts to Rumour


Following some pregnancy rumors about Monalisa Chinda, due to a protruding lower abdomen in her TV show “You and I”, the Nollywood actress and TV host has come out to clear the air. She took to Twitter on May 12, 2016 to put the wagging tongues of rumor mongers to rest: “I’m not pregnant. But thanks  for the best wishes in advance,” she said.

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Although the newly married actress already has a daughter from her first married to one Segun Dejo-Richard, she is still in a prime age for reproduction and deserves to give her second husband a bundle of joy. In an interview as the May 2016 issue face of Genevieve Magazine, Monalisa said her husband deserves a child from her and she will bear him one. Meaning in a couple of months there will be another round of  pregnancy rumors

The 41-year old actress also revealed that her husband has been her friend since she was 14 and she never for one day thought he would be her husband. She also gave some words of advise to single ladies who are under pressure from family, friends and society to get married.

“Your man will come as long as you are not looking at what makes other marriages work. Do not be fazed by people jumping down from the moon for the sake of pre-wedding shoots and think yours has to be like that. Yours can be in the farm. Look at the substance that makes the man not the theatrics. I didn’t do a pre-wedding shoot because I think I am too old for pre-wedding shoots. I made mine unique in my own way.”

She also opens up about her past life as a single mother. She said it was challenging, having to do everything alone. She had to do school runs, put on the generator, cook, go to the stores all by herself, and on occasions where there was no mother-figure to give advise, she advised herself. She also stated that the Holy Spirit played a huge role in guiding her do the right things.

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