Lagos-Based Expert Says MMM Participants Are Idiots


The money doubling venture, MMM, has become one of the most discussed topics in Nigeria recently. The MMM scheme which has given rise to opposing opinions among Nigerians presently has about 509, 021 members (and counting), despite the fact that it is said to be a fraudulent business that capitalises on the greed of people.

While many people are waiting patiently for the collapse of the MMM scheme, its participants maintain that it is the best thing that has happened to them because they are ‘cashing out’.

Just recently, the founder of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, warned his members to disassociate themselves from the ponzi scheme saying it is demonic and not of God.

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In the same vein, a Lagos-based expert, Kingsley Omose, has also lent his voice to the circumstances surrounding MMM scheme and warned those involved in it of the impending danger. He took to his Twitter account to mock MMM and its participants in a series of tweets. He wrote:

Lagos-Based Expert Mocks MMM Scheme, Says Participants Are Idiots
Lagos-Based Expert Mocks MMM Scheme, Says Participants Are Idiots

“You’re in MMM and justifying your idiocy, your collapse will be worse than your beginning and set you back light years due to your greed.

“Only an idiot will invest N1000 and collect N1300 without doing anything and wonder why the whole world is not as smart as him.

“Why have a job or own a business if for every N1000 you invest in MMM you get N1300 without lifting a finger, why bother schooling at all?

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“You’re married with children and your new means of sustenance is MMM, you must be an idiot for insisting your children go to school.

“Please the idiots in MMM should make room for the FG to participate in it, imagine if BUHARI had invested in MMM the N3.9tn spent in 2016.

“The catch in MMM is that you will be blacklisted for eternity when you fail within 48hrs of request, to fulfill your financial commitment.

“You are participating in MMM and say you have the Spirit of God in you, please what you have is the spirit of lucre.

“MMM takes money from A and gives to B and B to give to C and at some point beyond Z, a Mugu will find no other Mugu in front to be mugurised.

“Brainless people, even a 5-year-old knows there is something wrong with a scheme that pays you 30% return without your doing anything.

“Idiot, you’re blaming recession for participating in MMM, even a thief blames poverty for stealing when caught.

“Any scheme that pays 30% returns for doing nothing simply by matching two idiots together is a ponzi scheme.”