MMM: Update On Groom-To-Be Who Drank Insecticide Over Loss Of N750,000


MMM: Update On Groom To Be Who Drank Insecticide Over Loss Of N750,000

Due to the uncertainty that lies around money cycling system, MMM, an investor of the Ponzi scheme lost his life in the Federal Capital Territory after drinking insecticide.

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The young man, Kole had planned his wedding for May, 2017, after he postponed it from December 2016 when MMM first crashed.

Kole, who reportedly invested about N750,000 in the scheme in November last year and was expecting to get his 30 percent income, finally gave up the ghost on Monday night due to severe stomach complications arising from his attempted suicide.

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The source said:

“Kole died yesterday (Monday) evening and his body has been deposited in a mortuary. He died from the complications he suffered from the poison he took last year. He had a terrible stomach ache and was rushed to the hospital where he died.”

According to the Punch, the source said Kola had planned to arrest his MMM guider before the stomach upset returned last week and he was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it alive.

Prior to his death, Kole had earlier opened up on his MM ordeal in a phone-in radio programme in Abuja where he admitted that he made some profits from the scheme before it crashed. He explained that he initially invested N20,000 and got 30 percent interest a few weeks after, then he later increased his investment.

He said:

“I came to Abuja from Benue few months back in preparation for my wedding and my friend introduced me to the MMM thing. He told me about the benefit involved, though I was a bit hesitant about it but he succeeded in convincing me to register under him.

“To be honest, I initially invested N20,000 into the scheme and I got 30 percent the following month. The following month, I did N50,000 and I still got 30 percent commission and my full investment back.”

Kole stated that he decided to increase his investment so he could make more money, but apparently, luck was not on his side, and he lost his money in the same manner millions of Nigerians did.

Kola had loaned the N750k from a cooperative organization, who thought it was for his wedding. He said, although he didn’t know when he took the insecticide, he did it because he could not face his fiancée with the sad news that he has lost the money for their wedding.

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Meanwhile, the MMM scheme, after its grand reopening in January 14th is yet to pay investors their money. All frozen accounts have been unfrozen yet getting help, being matched and getting paid has become a hustle because most people are still skeptical about putting in money after its previous crash.

However, the founders have urged participant to keep the system running by investing small amounts until they have enough confidence to put in huge sums.