MMM Lands Housewife In Trouble, Beaten To Coma By Husband


Participating in the popular wonder bank scheme, Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, MMM, has landed a housewife in trouble as she has been beaten to stupor by her angry husband for allegedly investing the family’s savings in the scheme.

The ambitious woman identified as Mrs. Ogenyi, was beaten blue-black by her husband and is currently battling for her life at the hospital. The couple reside at Balogun Street, Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos and Mr. Ogenyi works as a driver with one of the commercial transport companies.

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According to reports, the housewife met her doom on Sunday afternoon when her husband returned from a trip to his hometown in Benue and discovered that the family savings box containing about N86,000,was missing, though he later found the box broken and empty in the wardrobe.

On inquiry from his son, Oche, the father was informed that the mother went out with her friend around 4pm and had not returned. On her return, the woman was shocked to see the husband as he was not expected home until month end due to the nature of his job.

When the husband was not given a satisfactory explanation by his wife as to the whereabouts of the money which was supposed to be for their new accommodation, he threatened to beat her.

MMM: Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Left without any other option, the ambitious wife confessed that she broke the box and invested the money in the get-rich-quick money scheme, MMM, because she thought she could get 30 per cent of her income and replace the money before the husband could return.

Angered by her action, the husband locked the door of their one room apartment to prevent sympatisers from rescuing the helpless woman and descended on the wife beating her blue-black.

All her efforts to explain to the husband that the money would yield income in the next 30 days fell on deaf ears as the husband insisted she must cough out the money before morning. She was transposed into a state of coma when her husband eventually hit her with a breakable plate.

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The husband who is still at large immediately fled the scene to an unknown destination on realizing his wife was unconscious, abandoning the woman and their three-year-old son. MMM is a “Wonder Bank” scheme which promises to 30% Return on Investment after 30 days.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has confirmed ongoing surveillance on the investment scheme.