Is MMM Nigeria Coming Back? Popular Ponzi Scheme Lifts All Limits


The big question on the minds of participants of the Nigerian faction of the popular Ponzi scheme Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox (MMM), is MMM back?

Organizers of the scheme have said that MMM is coming back to normal and that all limits on MMM have been lifted.

The statement posted on the scheme’s website on Thursday said ‘MMM Nigeria lifts all the limits for Mavro, acquired in 2017.”

According to the statement, members can create request to provide help, meaning that MMM Nigeria is coming back to normal.

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Read the full statement below:

“Dear members, MMM Nigeria lifts all the limits for Mavro, acquired in 2017. So, MMM Nigeria is coming back to normal.

“And now the members can actively develop the community and create new requests to provide help.

“For these requests, orders will soon arrive, and after Mavro’s confirmation it will be possible to withdraw these Mavro without any restrictions or limits.

“Only Mavros acquired in 2016 remain under restriction. But we are actively working on new measures to make it possible for the members to withdraw Mavro 2016 in a larger amount without undermining the sustainability of the community.

“We have collected the screenshots of personal offices of members who received orders for their GH requests.

“Spread the screenshots via chats, social media and messengers. Let everyone know that MMM Nigeria is working.

“Every Nigerian should be aware that MMM is functioning well. It is very important.”

Is MMM Back? Nigeria MMM Lifts Limit on Mavros

A few clarifications were also made on the platform to address questions raised by participants of the scheme.

Some of them are highlighted below:


Few questions raised by participants

Q. If I PH in 2017, will i be able to GH?

A. Yes. You will be able to GH all your 2017 donation plus 30%

Q. I PH in December but paid in Jan, is that 2017PH?

A. NO. it is still 2016 Mavro.

Q. What of my 2016 Mavro, how will i GH?

A. There is limit on 2016 Mavro. this means you will be able to GH but not everything. for now, you can only GH all 2017 mavr

New Statement Posted On MMM-Nigeria Claim MMM Back

Q. But its showing zero when i tried to GH, what do i need to do?

A. Participant that already PH are able to GH part of 2016 mavro. You probably need to PH before you GH part of 2016 Mavro. So kindly PH.

Q. Why are they attending to 2017 before 2016 Mavro?

A. For 2016 Mavro to be paid, new PH is needed. thus 2017 PH is needed. this can come from new participant and existing one. but in order to encourage 2017 PH, there will be no limit on it.

Q. If all 2017 Mavro is paid first, will there be PH left for 2016?

A. Yes. That is why we all need to PH something. no matter how small. remember, in 2016, when everything was going on fine, we waited for like 21 days before we are paired to make payment, it was because there are much PH on ground. If we have much PH on ground now, it will be used to cater for 2016 Mavro. things will work well.

Note: Your PH is someone’s GH. we make ourselves smile.

PH only your spare money and make the money available as u can be paired at anytime.

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