Miss Nollywood Resigns Following Colleagues Dethronement


Current Miss Nollywood 2016, Miss Blessing Ogar, has resigned after the much publicized dethronement of Former Miss Nollywood Culture and Tourism, Grace Okoro Adaeze.

The beauty queen Blessing Ogar, in a press release says she is resigning to ”secure” her future, expressing fears that the organization which she represents would also dethrone her if she refused to collaborate with their lies.

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She cited reasons for her resignation as; the unfair treatment meted out to her dethroned colleague while also alleging that the organization which she was representing has defaulted in the various arrangements they agreed to pursue while demanding that she collaborate the lies they leveled against her dethroned colleague.

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In her resignation letter, she alleged that the organization has defaulted on their previous agreements and defaulted in availing her of her entitlements as Miss Nollywood 2016.

Blessing Ogar further reveals that the organization had already started advertising for a new queen while they are yet to pay her the prize money.

She also alleged that the organizers of the pageant mandated her to collaborate the lies and allegations they leveled against the dethroned queen, a mandate which she says was against her conscience.

miss nollywood 2016 resignation letter

miss nollywood 2016 resignation letter 2

Dethroned beauty queen, and Ex-Miss Nollywood Culture and Tourism 2016, Grace Okoro Adaeze, was dethroned a few days ago by the organizers of the pageant over alleged arrogant behaviour and nonchalant attitude.

The beauty queen however gave her own side of the story, revealing that the organizer of the Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant, Barakumor Orede, was making sexual advances at her and threatened her with dethronement.

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Grace Okoro Adaeze said Mr. Ebarakumo Odede Solomon and the Miss Nollywood Foundation (MNF) should be prepared to come out to defend their ‘claims’ with evidences and give an answer in the law court for deformation of her character.