Mike Bamiloye’s Family: Meet His Wife and Children From Damilola to Joshua

Entertainment has become a family business for some of the biggest stars in the industry, and some are bigger and deeper than others. Mike Bamiloye’s family is one of many famous families that have improved their legacies in the entertainment world generation after generation. The Nigerian film actor, producer, and director is a drama evangelist, founder, and president of Mount Zion Faith Ministries and Mount Zion Television.

The 64-year-old started his acting career in 1986, after featuring in his debut drama ‘Hell in Conference.’ Since then, he has featured, produced, and directed several Nigerian Christian films. There is no doubt that his success story is incomplete without the contributions of his wife and children. Here are some interesting facts you would love to know about Mike Bamiloye’s family.

Mike Bamiloye Has Been Married for 35 Years

Mike Abayomi Bamiloye is one of the many Christians who strongly believe in long-lasting relationships, especially marriage. Being married to his wife Gloria Bamiloye since 1988, the actor and his wife had their family set on a solid Christian foundation. Mike believes in relationships and marriages that are set on God’s standard.

To achieve a happy and successful marriage, Mike believes in some concepts. He believes in single people exercising patience when looking for a lifetime partner to avoid making mistakes. He believes that waiting for God’s chosen partner for marriage is worth it and that anything outside that might come with consequences. The actor also believes that for a marriage to stand the test of time, both parties must be submissive to one another.

His beliefs are evident in his relationship with his wife and children. And he has taken advantage of various social media platforms to relate his views on healthy relationships and marriages. Mike Bamiloye met his wife while studying at the College of Education in Ilesha, Oyo State. At the time, he was the coordinator of the drama ministry. One day the alumnus of the drama unit visited the fellowship and asked her to marry him.

The same day he proposed, being the 4th of August 1985, was the same day Mount Zion drama ministry was born. He married Gloria Bamiloye on the 8th of October 1988, three years after he proposed to her. He was 28 years old, and his wife was 24 years old when they got married, even though his wife’s family were initially against their marriage because Mike had no other job except being a full-time movie actor.

They have been married for more than 30 years now and are living in peace and harmony. Mike adores and loves his wife and sees her as an ideal wife. Their union is blessed with three children. 

Meet Mike Bamiloye’s Wife, Gloria Bamiloye

Born on 4th February 1964 in Ilesha, Osun State, Gloria Olushola Bamiloye is a gospel actress, dramatist, producer, director, scriptwriter, and author. She is the vice president/co-founder of Mount Zion Drama Ministry and the wife of the popular gospel filmmaker, Mike Bamiloye. She comes from a Muslim family but later became a Christian when she was in Primary school after her elder brother was converted to Christianity.

Gloria lost her father at an early age and was raised by her mother. Gloria had her early education in Ilesha, Osun state. After her secondary education, she attended Oyo State College of Education, Ilesha, where she got a degree in English Language and Religious Studies. She also attended the Divisional Teachers Training College Ipetumodu, where she met her husband. Gloria Bamiloye also has a passion for teaching and impacting lives, but she realized she could do more with her talents.

While at the college, she discovered her passion for acting and then joined her fellowship drama ministry. She didn’t stop there but continued in her acting career, and this has made her famous. She has acted in several Mount Zion movies and has also written and directed some. As a book author, Gloria has written several books, including Singles with a difference, The Anxiety of single sisters, A Successful Ministerial Life in Drama Ministry.

Amid her busy lifestyle, Gloria seems to be committed to building a happy family and relationships with her husband. This is why Mike has not left any stone unturned to ensure that he celebrates his wife. During Gloria’s 57th birthday, the actor appreciated his wife for staying with him through the thick and thin and making all the sacrifices to keep the family together. He also penned down some of his thoughts about her, and he ended his note with a description of his wife as an ideal wife, as seen in the Instagram post above.

Their Union Produced Three Children

Meet Mike Bamiloye’s family

Mike Bamiloye’s marriage with Gloria Bamiloye yielded three lovely children: Damilola, Joshua, and Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye. Interestingly, all his children are involved in the family entertainment business. They may not be solely into acting like their parents, but they definitely play their own roles in the growth of the family business. Learn more about Mike Bamiloye’s children below.

Damilola Bamiloye

Oluwadamilola Ilerioluwa Mike-Bamiloye is the first child and first son of Mike and Gloria Bamiloye. He was born on the 16th of September 1989, making him 34 years old. He graduated from Bowen University with a degree in Mass Communication before doing his NYSC in Imo State in 2012. Dami is currently a film actor, producer, and director, just like his father.

He was once his father’s Personal Assistant and acted in some of his father’s movies before he graduated into making his own movies. Damilola produced his first movie titled Youthful lust at age 15. He married his heartthrob, Dr. Emmanuella, on 10th November 2018. His wife is from Edo State, and she is a medical doctor, blogger, and dramatist. They are blessed with a daughter, Gloria, who was born in 2020.

Joshua Bamiloye

Born on November 7th, Joshua Bamiloye is the second child and second son of Mike and Gloria Bamiloye. He graduated from Bowen University with a degree in Mass Communication. Joshua is a gospel musician and a music producer known as Jay Mikee. His music ministry began when he was 14 years old as a background music producer for Mount Zion film productions. He began his music career in 2010 but didn’t release his first album until 2013. He currently has many gospel songs to his name. Some of his songs include; 

  • A New Man
  • Most High God
  • King of Glory
  • It is Well
  • Forces Against My Soul
  • In the Morning

 He got married to his wife, Tolutope Bamiloye, on November 2, 2019. 

Darasimi Bamiloye

Born on 14th May 1997, Darasimi Bamiloye is the only daughter and the third child in Mike Bamiloye’s family. She is a graduate of Babcock University with a degree in English. She is a spoken word artist, drama minister, producer and musician and has featured in some of her brother’s music and videos. Darasimi is currently married to Lawrence Oyor, who is also a Music minister. She met her husband in Kebbi State, which according to her husband, wasn’t easy at first as he had to seek God’s direction through prayers for a year after he received ministrations concerning Darasimi from God. After struggling with the decision for days, he summoned the courage to speak to her, which led to their marriage in 2020.


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