10 Unknown Facts About The Prominent Mike Adenuga


A lot has been said about the very rich, very famous,  very philanthropic, and very good-looking 2nd richest man in Nigeria and richest man in Oyo state.  His journey to fame and wealth, his many feats in risk taking, the many hurdles he  has had to cross to get to where he is today.  He has shocked a lot of people with his tenacity and his almost gluttonous need for work, work and more work. His assets have been estimated to over $4.6 billion and still climbing. He is seen as one of those people who have vowed to leave the world better than they met it. He is a philanthropist, a business man, an adventurer, a risk taker, an entrepreneur, a husband, a father and a grand father. His  assets include Globacom and Conoil amongst other very lucrative enterprises. It has been said that he has a magic touch when it comes to investment. Needless to say that there is little that is news when it comes to the life and achievements of the giant spirit. but even the sun can still surprise us with its intensity, so even though it seems like all has been said about the tycoon there are still facts about him that it would shock you to realize you have not heard.


1. He is called The Guru

Nigerians equate his many feats in education and business to that of a spirit which is why friends call him The Guru. He seems to quickly adapt to every situation and master it to perfection, sometimes doing extremely better than those who had started before him and who are supposed to have more experience than him. Anyone who can do that should definitely be called The Guru.

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2. He is an Intellectual

Those who have had the honor of meeting him think of him as the Aristotle or Henry Ford of our time. The way he excelled in all of his business adventures is the same way he excelled in his studies while in school, The works of authors like Dimgba Igwe proves this. I think it is safe to say that If he was White, he might have had Doctoral thesis written on him to confirm that he really is an Intellectual.


3. He is Simple by Nature.

People who know him personally consider him a very shy, modest and reclusive person. it does not seem to matter that he is rich or famous or wealthy, he still remains a simple man at heart. most other people in such wealth and affluence would have been very resentful of anything simple or ordinary, yet this Icon remains himself unchanging. The simplicity of his lifestyle makes him live like a recluse most of the time. He does not enjoy public or media attention unless it has to do with business and even then, he prefers not to be focus of public eye. Even his children agree to this

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4. He made Telecommunications Cheaper in Nigeria

If not for Mike Adenuga’s launch of Globacom, poor people of Nigeria would not have been able to buy Sim cards that owners of  MTN from South Africa sold at #40,000 and above. He launched Globacom and sold Glo sim cards at #200, inevitably forcing other telecommunication companies in Nigeria to adjust. He made Nigerians proud to own a telecommunication company of their own.


5.He is the John Bull of Nigeria

You might know that people call him The Bull but I guess you don’t know why. Well, it is because he was very big at birth, hence the nickname John Bull, yet he has lived up to this really funny nickname as he is seen charging through every venture like a bull in a ring and coming out quite victorious at the end. He never backs down from risk. The spirit of risk taking makes him a real Bull. You could say he was a Bull at birth and is still a Bull as his size obviously indicates.

6. Success Runs in His Blood

You could say that his penchant for success in every endeavor is inbred because his mother was a very successful tailor and equally a very successful trader, also he descends from the lineage of Pariola, the wealthy and famous trader of the 19th century. He took after the industrious women in his lineage and is obviously doing them proud.


7.  His Rise was Gradual and Steady

You will find it amazing that he went from hawking goat feed in the streets of Ibadan to being the richest man in Yoruba land. As much as success runs in his blood, he still had to work very hard to make it come to live and he is still working hard to make it stay that way. He worked as hard as being a gate man and a taxi driver to train himself through school. Have you ever wondered where those people he hawked goat feed with are today?

8.He is a Good Christian

Did you know that as rich as he is, Mike Adenuga is still a firm believer of the saying “Waste not, want not”. rather than leave his abandoned properties to rot, he makes it a priority to find them and put them to good use just like Jesus asked his disciples to gather the remnants after feeding five thousand men with five loaves of bread and two fishes.

9. Mike Adenuga is a Polygamist

In the true African Spirit, not all of Mike’s children are from the same mother so I guess in our Nigerian fashion, one would say ‘He is a real man.” He draws all of his children close to him and does all he can to provide for them and ensure they have a good future.

10. He bought his own burial tomb

Mike is also a very weird man. He recently purchased Dysney vault (burial tomb) for himself for a whooping N200 million at the upscale Vaults and Gardens, Ikoyi. It is said that he bought the same space for his sister when she died. What else could be more weird?

Finally it would interest you to know that as every coin has two sides, like every other man born of a woman,  Mike Adenuga’s life is equally not all rosy as some of his kids still remain a thorn in his side. He has been known to have issues of altercation with his children. sometimes attracting the attention of the public. Chief among them is the problem he had with his daughter after she got married and dropped her maiden name. You could say he does not want the name Adenuga to ever go extinct.

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