Domestic Violence: Another Nollywood Scandal As Major Crisis Rocks Mercy Aigbe’s Marriage


Nigeria’s entertainment industry and its many marriage scandals seemingly proves the industry cannot sustain a marriage as fresh media reports reveal that popular actress Mercy Aigbe’s marriage may have crumbled.

Mercy Aigbe and her husband of 7 years, Lanre Gentry, have called it quits after allegations of adultery on both sides emerged online.

According to reports, Lanre Gentry, Mercy’s husband is said to have beaten her up to the extent that she was hospitalised. She is reportedly still in the hospital.

On Friday, April 28, Mercy dropped a cryptic message on her Instagram page which reads; “say no to domestic violence” while her husband responded with a post that reads;  “Say no to the promiscuous and irresponsible women.”

For her fans, this was a perceived indication that something was wrong with her marriage.

More so, photos have surfaced online of her battered face. Moreover, Mercy’s 50-year-old husband is said to have a fair skinned woman named Opemititi who is allegedly responsible for his change in attitude.

Insider reports allege that the Aigbe-Gentry marriage was a toxic mix of mutual infidelity, lies, and pretence that was eventually broken by a financial crisis that worsened an already bad situation. Disclosing details of the marriage crisis, a close family source said:

“The marriage was destined to break. Mercy Aigbe has been promiscuous all through the marriage and this has caused a strain between them since the beginning.

“Some of us have always  known that this would happen someday. A married woman cannot be sleeping about like that. A lot of people thought that after she remarried, she would have calmed down.”

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According to the NET, the source further disclosed that Mercy Aigbe has always maintained amorous relationships with other men for financial favours while she was married to Gentry.

Lanre and Mercy Gentry

“Where do you think she gets all her money from, movies? How much do Nigerian actresses make for their movie roles? If you compare it with their luxurious lifestyle, you’ll see that it doesn’t add up.

“Let me give you an example: for someone who likes to travel as much as she does, each trip she takes outside the country takes nothing less than N3million.

“Take a look at her Instagram posts. She always flies business class. The cheapest amount you can get a business class ticket to Dubai is N900,000. Don’t you see the pictures she posts online?

“Mr Gentry simply does not have the funds to foot that bill multiple times a year.”

On the other hand, Lanre Gentry, a self-styled ‘Asiwaju’ has reportedly also been a philanderer whose life of indiscretion was well known to his wife.

Even before he got married to Mercy, his penchant for pretty young things was well known and became a constant source of worry to his wife. His Oregun hotel, Laveronique was a rendezvous of sorts for his flirtations.

But Mercy, who had once been married and has an 18-year-old daughter from that relationship along with a six-year-old son with Gentry, turned a blind eye and busied herself by spending the money she got from him as well as what she got from her lovers.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back for the couple was a combination of Mercy’s sudden boldness and her husband’s latest fling with a very close associate of hers, Opemititi, a Covenant University graduate who was very close to Mercy.

Mercy and Opemititi

Mercy had reportedly trusted Opemititi so much because of the secrets they both shared and was shocked that she could betray her by sleeping with her husband.

The issues eventually overheated and spilled into a fight. The last fight resulted in Mercy being beaten to a pulp by her husband. Consequently, Mercy began divorce proceedings when she was strong enough to leave a private hospital where she had been receiving treatment.

Currently, the actress is holed up in a Magodo apartment while her husband, Lanre who has had children from two other women is exploring his options in a divorce proceeding.

BuzzNigeria recalls that controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, had once warned Mercy Aigbe of a possible marriage crash.

Last year, Kemi who has been silent for some time now after being imprisoned for one of controversial posts had advised the Nollywood actress to spend more time with her husband. In a 2016 post, she wrote:

“hnnafrica #HNNStyle @MercyAigbeGentry is a talented #Nollywood star with a flair for “online glamour”. Nothing wrong with glamming yourself up for your fans.

“Most Nigerian actresses are narcissistic females to begin with and I’m a certified narcissist myself. Many Nigerian females are fake and can’t even define their own personalities but look up to female stars and want to be like them. This is why I insist I’m NOT and will never be a role model.

“I have mentored many kids but never want any of them to “be like me”. There are attributes of me some parents don’t like yet they want their kids to be me. I’m outspoken, blunt and keep it real. Most women in Nigeria are not but stay as solid mumus. There is only one #KemiOlunloyo. Last month I warned Mercy in a post that she’s gonna end up like @TokeMakinwa if she doesn’t limit her glam posts online.

“Last month I warned Mercy in a post that she’s gonna end up like @TokeMakinwa if she doesn’t limit her glam posts online.

“Honestly your husband is out there Mercy. #MajeAyida was busy elsewhere while Toke was glamming up the Gram. Mercy shows off her phone case engraved with her image, something her fans will be thirsting for too.

“They log on fast to see the latest fashion sense. It’s nice to be addicted to celebs.

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“Even I as a media celebrity in US/Canada have now become the top media celebrity in Nigeria still has my own fave celeb @aihmakhuolutoyin. Spend more time with your husband Mercy. I’m seeing things you don’t see. They call me the #Snitchlady. *winks*..and stay beautiful young lady. #advice #hnnshowbiz #hnnbeauty #MadamHNN.”

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