This Is Your Chance To Be Mentored By Veteran Nollywood Actor Richard Mofe Damijo


This Is Your Chance To Be Mentored By Veteran Nollywood Actor Richard Mofe-Damijo On His Mentorship Class Series!

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a successful entertainer? Ponder no more as Veteran Nollywood actor Richard Mofe-Damijo will be starting his mentorship programme very soon on how to be a world-class entertainer.

On February 21, 2017, the ‘steal your grandpa’ rival revealed that plans for the Richard Mofe-Damijo Mentorship Class Series are already on the pipeline.

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According to Mr. Richard, he hopes to find, even if it’s just one youth in this generation, who is inspired, influenced and motivated by intellect, integrity and dignity.

The Thespian plans to use his story and background to encourage young and growing entertainers and creative artistes, because he has been there and knows it is always a struggle for parents to accept the reality that their child is choosing a career like entertainment as opposed to highly academic careers like Medicine and Law.

He wrote:

“Being the only child of a hardworking, dignified business woman put a lot of pressure, not only on me but on her as well.

“She wanted me to succeed and have a distinguished professional title like “Lawyer”, “Banker”, even “Lecturer” but having their child study to become an “Actor” in the 70’s was not something most parents wanted to hear, so imagine how difficult it was convincing “Mama Rich” to let me study Theatre Arts.

“I remember my strongest possible argument at that time was that she would be “seeing me on TV”.

“Theatre Arts was not a course I studied because I couldn’t get into any other department. It is a dream, a passion, a drive, a calling.

“As a young theatre arts enthusiast in the early 80’s, my heroes were the Wole Soyinka’s, Ola Rotimi’s, Femi Osofisan’s, J.P Clark’s and university lecturers which is why till date, I am not driven or motivated by money.

Mentorship Class With RMD


Richard Mofe-Damijo also highlighted that as a Niger-Delta youth, who had the opportunity to taste politics, he didn’t see government as the way forward for him and his career.

His dream as a professional actor and a veteran in the field is to pass on the knowledge and experience he has acquired over the years to the younger generation.

He continued:

“Many people do not understand how after serving as a commissioner in Delta State, I did not begin a wealth “acquisition career” in government, rather, I returned to acting.

“Well, the answer is simple: It’s because I was inspired, moulded and influenced by the lecturer types who were satisfied with their humble but dignified livelihoods of teaching and living within the university campus.

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He eventually unveiled the self-named Mentorship Class Series, calling for youths who are passionate about a chosen career or craft.

He re-emphasized that he needs people who are inspired, influenced and motivated by intellect, integrity and dignity.

Updates on how to enroll for the celebrity Master class series will be made public soon, he promised.

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